Managed Care Health Insurance Plan (MCHIP) and Private Review Agents (PRA)

Due to the challenges that we are facing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that many regulants are working from home.Please be advised that if you are having challenges sending your renewal or initial application(s) through CD-Rom or USB, the application may be sent through secured email to Please indicate on your email that the appropriate fee is being sent separately.

The MCHIP/PRA unit is within the Office of Licensure and Certification of the Virginia Department of Health.

The MCHIP /PRA unit recognizes NCQA and URAC as acceptable accrediting bodies. Other insurance carriers that are not NCQA and URAC accredited will be reviewed for  the reliability and validity of the accreditation, as well, as whether it is nationally recognized to determine if it meets the required standards. No insurance carrier shall operate a MCHIP in Virginia unless the health carrier responsible for the plan is licensed in accordance with provisions of Title 38.2 of the Code of Virginia as an insurance company, a HMO, or a dental plan organization.

The responsibilities of the MCHIP/PRA unit include issuing Certificates of Quality Assurance (CQA) for initial and renewal insurance plan applications with coordination with the Bureau of Insurance in the State Corporation Commission and investigating complaints from covered persons that it receives by email, postal mail and telephone.

For general assistance, email us at Please send any mailed correspondence to:

Office of Licensure and Certification
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 401
Henrico, VA 23233

The MCHIP/PRA unit also reviews the annual Insurance Complaint report, which is due every March for each MCHIP carrier.

For more information regarding the MCHIP/PRA statutes and regulations, please visit our Statutes, Regulations & Guidance page.

Division Contacts

Leslie Moore
MCHIP/PRA Supervisor
Phone: (804) 367-2128

Tara Twitty
Health Care Compliance Specialist II
Phone: (804) 367-2140

Yolanda Morrison
Health Care Compliance Specialist II
Phone: (804) 367-6628