Division of Long-Term Care Services

Ruthanne Risser, RN, BSN — Acting Director

The Division of Long Term Care Services is responsible for the licensing and monitoring of nursing homes within state licensing laws and regulations through conducting regular, on-site inspections. The division also conducts regular, on-site federal surveys to determine whether certified nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICF/IIDs) are in compliance with Medicare and Medicaid requirements on behalf of the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, as well as investigating complaints under both state and federal law.

There are nearly 300 licensed nursing homes containing over 33,000 beds, with all but eight are certified for federal reimbursement under Medicare and Medicaid. Nursing homes are inspected every 2 years under state licensure and certified nursing facilities are surveyed on an average of every 12 months under Medicare/Medicaid certification.

Please note that ICF/IIDs are not licensed by VDH, but instead the Division of Licensing in the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS); questions related to state licensure of ICF/IIDs should be directed to DBHDS, but complaints should be sent to VDH and DBHDS so both federal and state investigations may be conducted. To file a complaint, please visit the Complaint Unit webpage.

VDH does not license assisted living facilities (ALFs) and ALFs are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid certification. All questions regarding ALFs--including complaints--should be directed to the Division of Licensing Programs in the Department of Social Services, which is the agency tasked with state licensure oversight for ALFs.