Public Records Requests

State Records

The following state records can be accessed online through the VDH OLC Portal:

  • The fact that a facility/agency is or is not actively licensed
  • Applications (without attachments) beginning July 1, 2023 and later
  • Licenses issued July 1, 2023 and later, including effective dates and expiration dates
  • License exemptions issued July 1, 2023 and later, including effective dates and if applicable, expiration dates

The Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) governs the release of state records, including licensure records, inspection records, and Certificate of Public Need (COPN) records. OLC strongly encourage the public to submit requests for state records through the agency's centralized FOIA portal (you can also access this by click the "Request Records from VDH" button); you can also visit our FOIA page for more information about record requests and your rights under state FOIA.

Federal Records

OLC serves as the state survey agency for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and conducts federal surveys on its behalf. OLC is authorized to release the following federal certification records upon request:

  • The fact that a facility does or does not participate in the Medicare, Medicaid, or CLIA program
  • The official “Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction,” Form CMS-2567
  • When applicable, a Notice of Isolated Deficiencies Which Cause No Actual Harm With the Potential for Minimal Harm (Form A) will be included with the Form CMS-2567
  • Citations of deficiencies that have been conveyed to the provider following a survey
  • Plans of correction and pertinent comments submitted by the provider relating to deficiencies cited following a survey
  • Statements that the facility did not submit an acceptable plan of correction or failed to comply with the conditions of imposed remedies, if appropriate
  • Official notices of involuntary provider terminations
  • Reports and information about a laboratory’s performance in proficiency testing programs
  • Statistical data on facility characteristics that does not identify any specific individual
  • Final appeal results
  • The CMS manuals distributed to the state survey agencies, intermediaries, carriers, providers, or suppliers
  • Names of individuals with direct or indirect ownership interest in a skilled nursing facility or nursing facility, as defined in 42 CFR § 420.201, who have been found guilty by a court of law of a criminal offense in violation of Medicare or Medicaid law

If you are requesting one of the records list above, please click the "Request Records from VDH" button above to file your records request. Please note that OLC is required to redact the following information from federal records prior to release:

  • The name of any patient;
  • Medical information about any identifiable patient;
  • The identity of a complainant;
  • The address of anyone other than an owner of the facility; and
  • Information which could be defamatory toward any identifiable person.

If you are requesting any other federal record not identified above, you must request them directly from CMS through one of the following ways:

  • Filing a request through CMS's online FOIA portal (you can also access this by click the button "Request Records from CMS")
  • E-mailing a request to
  • Faxing a request to 443-380-8871
  • Mailing a request in an envelope clearly marked “FOIA Request” to:

Freedom of Information Act Office
Mail Stop C5-11-06
7500 Security Boulevard
Baltimore, Maryland 21244

More information about requests for federal records from CMS and your rights under federal FOIA can be found here.