Ashby Ponds


Facility Information:
OPERATOR: Ashby Ponds, Inc.
PROVIDER: 49-5416
Non-Profit (Beds: 44 SNF)

21160 Maple Branch Terrace
Ashburn, VA 20147
PHONE: (571) 291-6200 | FAX: 703/506-6988


 If the survey was conducted less than 70 days ago, the report may still be pending and will be posted once complete.
If  no deficiencies were found during the survey, the report may not be posted.

Health Surveys

2019 Ashby Ponds 07-24-2019 Standard
2018 Ashby Ponds 06-08-2018 Standard
  Ashby Ponds 06-08-2018 State
 2017  Ashby Ponds 05-18-2017 Standard
  Ashby Ponds 06-08-2017 Comparative


Life Safety Surveys

 2019 Ashby Ponds 08-05-2019 LSC
2018 Ashby Ponds 09-09-2018 LSC
2017  Ashby Ponds 05-30-2017 LSC
Ashby Ponds 06-08-2017 LSC Federal Comparative
Ashby Ponds 07-13-2017 LSC Fed. Comp. Revisit [NO DEF.]
Ashby Ponds 07-23-2017 LSC Revisit