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The VA ADAP has a new name – the VA Medication Assistance Program (VA MAP). We will be changing documents and other communication tools to reflect the change over the coming weeks.  The Advisory Committee to VA MAP (formerly, the ADAP Advisory Committee) recently met to review the formulary.  The at-a-glance changes below are effective June 18, 2019. Updates include medication or vaccine additions, removal of medications due to low/no utilization or outdated clinical indications, and updates for medications or vaccines that were already on the formulary. Please refer to the VA MAP/ADAP website for additional program information:

Formulary Update at a Glance:

Formulary Additions

  • doravirine (Pifeltro)
  • dolutegavir DTG + lamivudine 3TC (Dovato)
  • darunavir DRV + cobicistat COBI + tenofovir alafenamide TAF + emtricitabine FTC (Symtuza)
  • ibalizumab-uiyk (Trogarzo)
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella Virus (MMR) Vaccine

Formulary Deletions

  • cidofovir (Vistide)
  • foscarnet (Foscavir)
  • ganciclovir (Cytovene) I.V.
  • indinavir (Crixivan)
  • tipranavir (Aptivus)
  • gabapentin (Neurontin)*

FDA Approved Medication Update

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine- Requires a VA MAP Medication Exception Form; this is authorized only for clients with a CD4 count of 200 or more, and used as indicated in males and females up to age 45. (Change in Age Range).
  • *Update, July 22, 2019 -The 2019 Virginia General Assembly passed HB2557, which changed gabapentin from a Schedule VI to a Schedule V controlled substance as of July 1, 2019. Gabapentin is currently listed on the Ryan White Health Assistance Program (RWHAP) direct medication formulary.  RWHAP medication access sites are authorized as an “alternate delivery site” per the Controlled Substance Registration (CSR) licenses to “deliver” Schedule VI drugs that have already been dispensed (i.e. labeled for the client) by the central pharmacy (Virginia Department of Health Pharmacy Services) to the client.   There is not an allowance for sites under the CSR license to have medications that are not considered a control substance (i.e. Schedule II through V drugs).For clients that have received prescriptions or needed refills since July 1, the VDH central pharmacy has contacted the client and the health department and/or provider in order to ship the medication to the client’s residence instead of their designated medication access site.

Immediate Action Steps:

      • All medication access sites need to check their inventory. If any site has any gabapentin at the health department, please promptly contact VDH Division of Pharmacy Services at 804-786-4326 and return the medication via mail or other courier service to:VDH Pharmacy Services
        101 N 14th Street Room S-45
        Richmond, VA  23219
      • **Please note that failure to identify and return could result in a violation if a site is to be inspected by the Board of Pharmacy.**
      • Gabapentin will be removed from the formulary effective Monday, July 22 and will be listed on the RWHAP B formulary. The policy, procedure, and forms for the RWHAP B formulary are on the HCS intranet site. RWHAP sites must currently have RWHAP B funds to pay for medications and get reimbursement. If they do not, it will be easiest for an RWHAP B medical provider or medical case management provider to assist client in accessing meds on the RWHAP B formulary (under the service category of Outpatient Ambulatory Health Services), since they submit for reimbursement with their monthly invoices to VDH.
      • If there is an issue with a client being able to receive gabapentin via the RWHAP B formulary, contact RWHAP at 855-362-0658. RWHAP coordinators may work with the client and the provider/medication access-site to authorize a fill to be sent to the client’s confirmed residence via VDH Pharmacy Services in order to prevent interruption to therapy.

VA MAP Formulary at a Glance

Click here for a copy of the Medication Exception Form

Click here for a copy of the Additional 30-day Medication Request Form

Ryan White Part B Policy and Medication Formulary

Local Health Departments: Reimbursement Procedures for VA MAP Vaccines

Tropism Access Program

Virginia MAP participates in the Tropism Access Program (TAP) offered by the ViiV Healthcare Company.  Eligibility and processes are as follows:

  • TAP is offered by ViiV to facilitate free access to tropism testing with Trofile and Trofile DNA.
  • Patients must be VA MAP eligible and the cost of tropism testing cannot be covered by a third party (excluding Ryan White funds).
  • The Trofile test is required whenever a clinician is considering prescribing the CCR5 antagonist medication maraviroc through Virginia VA MAP.
  • The client’s virus must demonstrate R5 tropism for maraviroc to be effective.TAP access is available directly through ViiV only.
  • To access TAP, providers can register through the ViiV Resource Website or ask their ViiV representative for the form.
  • The provider will need to verify the client is VA MAP eligible when they submit the forms. Please contact the VA MAP Central Office to confirm VA MAP eligibility by calling 1-855-362-0658.


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