Onsite Sewage System (Septic System) Component Approvals


Approved treatment devices and systems

Approved gravel-less material

Approved private well components 

Approved components for Alternative Discharging (stream discharging) Systems (under construction)

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Additional Information

Conveyance Line

TBA, Inc. 3″, 4″, and 6″ solid pipe GMP 13

Distribution Boxes

Bethlehem Manufacturing Company, Inc. VA-001-D, and VA-002-D GMP 3 Drawings
FRALO Monster D-box Vehicular traffic loading situations
Tuf-Tite Distribution Box GMP 73 Prior Approvals
Winchester Building Supply Distribution Box GMP 120 Distribution Box Form Approvals
Zoeller Model 173-0001 GMP 110
Polylok Rhino Box (8 and 10 hole) Approval MEMO Polylok Rhino D Box 04 24 2020 Rhino_Dbx_listingdocs_042120

Filter Fabric

Avgol Polypropylene nonwoven filter fabric GMP 63
Mirafi 140N Drainage Fabric GMP 45 Product literature



Flow Dividers

 Flow Divider Company  Flow Divider Tee  GMP 7

Header Line

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. ADS-3000 pipe GMP 89
TBA, Inc. 4″ solid pipe GMP 13

Inlet and Outlet Structures

United Concrete Products, Inc. United Baffle GMP 38 Product literature

Perforated Pipe

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. ADS-3000 pipe GMP 89
TBA, Inc. 4″ perforated pipe GMP 13

Pipe Connectors

Tuf-Tite Pipe Connectors GMP 11

Pipe Seals

United Concrete Products Pipe Seals GMP 34 Product literature

Pipe Primer

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company Primer on PVC-DWV Foam Core Pipe GMP 8 Letter from Charlotte Pipe and Foundry


Enviro Loo Eloo Privy – Model 2040 GMP 134 PE plans – top view , PE plans – side view, PE plans – bottom view.
Incinolet Electric Toilet GMP 42 Product literature

Pump Chambers

Design Pro of Duluth, Inc. 500 gallon top seam tank GMP 108
Infiltrator Water Technologies IM-540 Approval Letter
Infiltrator Water Technologies TW-300, TW-375, TW-500, TW-900, TW-1050, IM-1060, TW-1250, TW-1500 Approval Letter
Infiltrator Water Technologies HDPE tanks, TW-300, TW-375, TW-500, TW-900, TW-1050, TW-1250, TW-1500 Approval Letter TW-300 drawing , TW-500 drawing , approval request
Martinsburg Concrete Products 500 gallon pump tanks, standard and top seam GMP 108
Norwesco Model numbers 41734, 41752, 41771, 41735, 41753, 41772 Approval Letter

Septic Tank

AK Industries 1000 gallon polyethylene septic tank GMP 77 Tank specifications(please not 500 and 750 gallon tanks not approved)
Allied Signal Inc. Caprolan – RC Fibers GMP 16 Product literature
Bethlehem Manufacturing Company, Inc. VA006, and VA007 GMP 6 Plans and specifications
Bethlehem Manufacturing Company, Inc. VA008, VA009, and VA010 GMP 10 Product specifications
Bethlehem Manufacturing Company, Inc. VA011 GMP 26 Plans and Specifications
Bethlehem Manufacturing Company, Inc. VA012, VA013 GMP 65 Plans and specifications
Bethlehem Manufacturing Company, Inc. VA014, VA015 GMP 83
Coon Manufacturing 1000 and 1500 gallon septic tanks GMP 131 Approval letter , Tank Drawings
Design Pro of Duluth, Inc. 1000 and 1500 gallon top seam tank, 1500 gallon two compartment tank GMP 108
FORTA Corporation FORTA Nylon and FORTA CFP reinforcement fiber in septic tanks GMP 82
Infiltrator Water Technologies IM-1530 Low Profile Septic Tank;

TW-900; TW-1050; IM-300; IM-1250; IM-1060; CM-1060; TW-1250; TW-1500

Approval Letter

VA_TW-and-IM-1060_approval-letter_032211-1 (1)

Infiltrator CM 1060 updated approval memo

VA IM-300 Approval Memo_101823 RWB

VA IM-1250 Approval Memo_101823 RWB

Specifications , Approval Request
Jolin Concrete Industries CP001076, CP001077, CP001079 GMP 104
Martinsburg Concrete Products 1000, 1250, and 1500 gallon septic tanks with fiber mesh GMP 84
Martinsburg Concrete Products Standard tanks and top seam tank with 1000 and 1500 gallon capacities GMP 108
ME Concrete Products 1500 and 2000 g single and two compartment tanks Approval MEMORANDUM – ME Concrete ProductsST_062518 Combined MEC docs
Norwesco Low profile polyethylene single and dual compartment septic tanks: 1000; 1250; and 1500 gallon. GMP 139 Approval letter ,Schematic Tank Drawings
Norwesco, Inc. Product item numbers 40018, 40006, 40187, 40325, 40276 GMP 40 Product literature (please note 300 and 500 gallon tanks not approved)
Norwesco Model numbers 41712, 41718, 41741, and 41758 Approval Letter
Norwesco 750, 1000, 1250, and 1500 gallon low profile septic tanks Approval Letter 750 specs , 750 capacity table , 1000 specs , 1000 capacity table, 1250 specs , 1250 capacity table , 1500 specs , 1500 capacity table
Roth Global Plastics RMT Septic Tanks GMP 133.A Prior approval under different name.
Roth Global Plastics RMT 500 Approval Letter Request for Approval,Installation Manual,Brochure
Rotoplas USA HDPE 750, 1000, 1500 two compartment septic tanks Approval MEMORANDUM – Rotoplas_081518 RotoplasST_Supporting Docs_082118
SEPTECH Septic Tank Models ST-750, ST-1060, ST-1250, and ST-1500 GMP 129 ST 750 drawing , ST 1060 drawing,ST 1250 drawing,ST 1500 drawing, Typical Cross Section
Snyder Industries, Inc. Dominator GMP 151
T&N Fiberglass Manufacturing Company, Inc. 1000 gallon septic tank GMP 55 Specifications
Winchester Building Supply Septic Tank GMP 120 Septic Tank Form Approval
Xactics Model numbers 142800, 143400, 143600, 143605, 145500 GMP 76 Xactics product literature

Sewer Line

Plastic Tubing Incorporated CORR-A-FLOW GMP 31 Product Literature
SDR 35 Pipe SDR 35 Pipe GMP 5

Note: The omission of a particular product or products from the listing is not a statement of unsuitability because products that comply with application health department regulations are not subject to review. Therefore, many suitable products are not specifically listed on these pages as “approved.”  VDH does not endorse or recommend any particular product or manufacturer and an approval does not denote or imply any warranty or guarantee as to the fitness of the product for a particular use, nor should one be inferred.