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Chesapeake Health District

The Chesapeake Health District is dedicated to preventing illness, promoting healthy lifestyles and protecting the environment for all the citizens of Chesapeake.


For reporting a public health emergency, such as a reportable disease or environmental public health hazard, after normal business hours, on holidays or weekends, please contact police dispatch at (757) 382-6161.

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Cat Confirmed with Rabies in Campostella/Border Road Area [MEDIA RELEASE April 22, 2016]

The Chesapeake Health Department has confirmed a cat recently located near the intersection of Campostella Road and Border Road had rabies. The black and white short hair cat with a broken front paw attacked customers in the parking lot of the Family Dollar Store and Easy Go Market on April 17 and 18. The cat may have been rabid since April 10. If you or anyone you know has been in contact with this cat, call immediately the Chesapeake Animal Control at (757) 382-8081 or the Chesapeake Health Department at (757) 373-7490.

The Chesapeake Health Department advises do not approach wild or stray animals and if possible be aware of your pets and potential exposure to wildlife. Exposure of humans to rabies occurs when the saliva of an infected animal enters the body through an open wound or mucous membrane, such as with an animal bite. An animal exposure is a serious medical event, for which prompt evaluation and complete treatment is critical. Rabies is highly preventable if the vaccine is given early and as recommended. Unfortunately, without preventive treatment, by the time someone develops symptoms of rabies, there is no cure and the disease is fatal in almost 100% of cases. The disease is also fatal in infected domestic dogs and cats that have not been vaccinated.

The Health Department strongly emphasizes the following recommendations for Chesapeake residents to take in protecting their families and their pets from rabies:

  • If you or your pets have been in contact with an animal that might be rabid, contact the Chesapeake Animal Control at (757) 382-8081 or the Chesapeake Health Department at (757) 373-7490.
  • Seek medical treatment promptly for any animal bite to ensure appropriate and timely evaluation and treatment. All animal exposures must be taken seriously.
  • Do not approach wild or stray animals, especially raccoons, bats, foxes, skunks, cats and dogs.
  • Ensure all pet dogs, cats and ferrets have current rabies vaccinations. Please consult your veterinarian or the Chesapeake Health Department if you have any questions about pet vaccinations.
  • Confine your pets to your property.
  • Securely seal garbage containers with lids.
  • State law requires all dogs and cats over the age of four months to be vaccinated against rabies.

For more information on rabies contact the Chesapeake Health Department at (757) 373-7490 or Animal Control at (757) 382-8081 or log onto Virginia Department of Health's website at or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website at

Healthy Chesapeake - Building a Culture of Wellness

HealthyChesapeakeHealthy Chesapeake is committed to building a culture of wellness that supports, sustains and advocates for a healthier Chesapeake. Working together we can advocate for a healthier Chesapeake where people live, learn, play, work and worship.

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Workplace as an Incubator for Infectious Disease

The Workplace as an incubator for infections disease flyer.This is a great time to remind everyone how to reduce the spread of colds, flu and other infectious diseases and help ensure the health of your employees and your business. Help spread the word, not the germs! Please download and distribute the flyer as you wish. Click here for the PDF format, or click here for the Publisher format to customize it to suit your needs.

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ZIKA - A Visitor Who Is Not Welcome - Informational Poster

Make Zika a visitor that is not welcome by following these guidlines.


  • Clean clogged roof gutters.
  • Replace of fix screen doors and window screens.
  • Frequently change water in pet dishes, bird baths and vases.


Asian Tiger Mosquitoes like to live in people's yards and lay their eggs in standing water. Make sure your yard is safe by having an adult check for standing water each week. For more help, call Mosquito Control - thery're here to help! Call 757-382-3450


Zika Informational Poster

Last Updated: 04-22-2016

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