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Community and Health Services

Public Health Nursing Services

To promote good health for every individual is the ultimate purpose of all public health activities and certainly the nurse directs her effort toward this goal. Therefore, it is important that citizens realize that the expertise of the public health nurse is available to everyone. You may call (757) 727-1172 ext 53779 to ask about nursing services that you may need for you or your family.

Public health nurses assist the epidemiologist with investigations of communicable disease outbreaks in the community and also provide education to the community for protection and prevention of communicable diseases. In prevention of communicable disease the public health nurses provide immunizations in the clinical setting as well as in the community. Public health nurses also provide follow-up care for individuals who require medical treatment for Tuberculosis infection or disease (See Tuberculosis Control Program)

Public health nurses remain constantly visible in the community by providing screening services at health fairs, serving on speaker’s bureaus and various community advisory boards, coalitions and committees. To the public health nurse the ENTIRE COMMUNITY IS HER PATIENT.

The Hampton Health Department no longer provides patient care in the home. These services are offered in the community and can be located in the yellow pages of the telephone book under NURSES.

Nursing Home and Community Care Pre-Admission Screening


Nursing Home and Community Care Pre-Admission Screening is a Virginia Medical Assistance funded program (Medicaid). It is a program designed to provide services in the home and/or community for people who would otherwise require nursing home placement. It is targeted towards individuals who need the type of services that are provided in a nursing home. It provides services so that individuals can choose to live in the home/community instead of a nursing home.

Department of Medical Assistance Services contracts with the local social services department and the local health department to perform pre-admission screenings. The local social services department should be contacted for financial eligibility. The screening team consists of a physician, a public health nurse and a social worker. The criteria for assessing an individual for services are:

1) Functional capacity (the degree of assistance an individual requires to complete activities of daily living e.g. bathing, toileting, or dressing);

2) Medical or Nursing Need (e.g. wound care, and administration of medication) A home visit is made by the public health nurse and social worker. During the home visit, the team completes an assessment and determines if an individual meets the criteria for nursing home care and whether or not they are at risk of nursing home placement unless additional assistance is received. For additional information you may contact the Hampton Health Department at (757) 727-1172, ext. 53780 or the Hampton Department of Social Services at (757) 728-2120.

Community Health

Victoria Center (757) 727-1172, ext. 53766

Health programs provided by the Hampton Health Department are designed to help children, young adults, men, and women achieve optimal health. In partnership with other city departments, local agencies, and work sites, trained educators provide programs to prevent and control heart disease, cancer, and childhood injury prevention.

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