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Weather Preparedness

Be prepared for severe weather season. You may find the following links helpful in making preparations for dangerous weather conditions:

Preparedness & Response Team recommends:

  • Keep shrubbery and trees trimmed. By removing damaged limbs you reduce the chances that strong winds will hurl them at great speeds or they won't block up gutters, storm drains, or culverts.
  • Remove any debris or loose items in your yard so they also don’t become missiles in strong wind or clog up gutters, culverts or storm drains.
  • Bring lawn furniture, trash cans, outdoor decorations, and hanging plants inside.
  • Keep culverts, ditches, and gutters free of debris to allow potential flood waters to flow freely.
  • Stay away from flooded areas - water may still rise.
  • Never walk, swim, or drive in flood water. You cannot see on the surface submerged debris or how fast water is moving.
  • Flood waters only 6 inches deep can knock a person off his or her feet.
  • Stay away from creek and stream banks in flooded areas. Soaked banks often become unstable due to heavy rainfall.
  • Watch out for snakes - flood waters flush them from their homes.
  • Vehicles can be swept away by only 2 feet of water. Do not drive through flood waters. If a road is covered in water, do not assume the road is underneath; it may have also been washed away.