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Richmond City Health District

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The mission of the Richmond City Health District is to promote healthy living, protect the environment, prevent disease and prepare the community for disasters.

The general operation hours at 400 East Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Useful Links

Amerian Heart Association
The definition for cancer
American Cancer Society
Chronic Disease Prevention
Unintentional Injuries
Nutrition, Health, Cooking and Recipes
Virginia Department of Health
Teenage Sexual Health Site
Healthier Cities and Communities
American SIDS Institute

RCHD Healthy Homes Initiative

Healthy Homes

The Richmond City Health District’s Lead Safe and Healthy Homes Initiative wants to help make your house safer and healthier. Find out why and how to keep away pests and mold growth. You can also learn how to prevent trips, falls and fires as well as make the air in your home cleaner. For information, contact us at 804-205-3500 x7 ”or visit us at

More information:
A Healthy Home for everyone
A Healthy Home (Spanish) Click here the visit the CDC Healthy Homes website
LSHHI Newsletter

Richmond Family and Fatherhood Initiative


Creating a community culture: Connecting fathers to their families
Call: (804) 482-8005

More Links

Emergency Preparedness Fact Sheet
Disaster Preparedness Brochure
School Physical Info.
Healthier Richmond Newsletter
Richmond Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
RCHD Annual Report
School immunizations
High Blood Pressure Center
Childhood Obesity and Type II Diabetes
Healthy Childbirth and Infancy
Organization Chart

New EPA Law Impacts Home Remodeling

Lead SaftyAttention Richmond building contractors: The law is changing. Will your work disturb ≥ 6 sq ft of LEAD-BASED PAINTED SURFACE? If so, you must become a Certified Renovator to work on pre-1978 housing or child- occupied facilities. Click here to learn more.  Email our staff to find out how we can help you become certified.


Join The Movement


April Is STD Awareness Month – Do You Know Your Status?

April is STD Awareness Month: an opportunity for individuals, doctors, and community-based organizations to address ways to prevent some of the nearly 20 million new sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) that occur in the United States each year. These numbers highlight an urgent need for prevention. During the month of April, you can make a difference by promoting STD awareness.

Richmond City Health District’s Sexually Transmitted HIV/STI Program staff will be participating in several community events around the City throughout the month of April in recognition of STD Awareness Month. If you are interested in learning more about upcoming events or hosting an event, please feel free to contact Kathleen Osei. Email:

Adolescent Health Program

boys and girls

Richmond Teen Pregnancy Rate Drops 40%

The Richmond City Health District Adolescent Health Program is delighted about reporting fewer teen pregnancies in the City of Richmond. The teen pregnancy rate from 2008 to 2012 shows a remarkable 40% drop. The Adolescent Health Program focuses on helping teens make healthy choices about their future and creating a supportive environment for adolescent health education throughout the City of Richmond.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Strategy
Teen Pregnancy Trends
Richmond Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Click here to visit the our web page. 

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Important Headlines

National Public Health Week is April 7-13, 2014

Each year, during the first full week of April, the American Public Health Association brings together communities across the United States to observe National Public Health Week as a time to recognize the contributions of public health and highlight issues that are important to improving our nation.

The public health system that keeps our communities healthy and safe is changing as technologies advance, public attitudes toward health shift and more health and safety options become available. National Public Health Week (NPHW) 2014 presents an opportunity for public health and clinical health professionals to engage with individuals and communities to help them navigate the changing world of public health. NPHW 2014 focuses on the following daily themes:

Day 1:
Be healthy from the start.
From maternal health and school nutrition to emergency preparedness, public health starts at home.
Day 2:
Don’t panic.
Disaster preparedness starts with community-wide commitment and action. We’re here to help you weather the unexpected.
Day 3:
Get out ahead.
Prevention is now a nationwide priority. Let us show you where you fit in.
Day 4:
Eat well.
The system that keeps our nation’s food safe and healthy is complex. We can guide you through the choices.
Day 5:
Be the healthiest nation in one generation.
Best practices for community health come from around the globe. We have a world of public health to show you.

For more information, visit

WIC helps Women, Infants and Children

WIC is the special supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children funded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It is available at the Richmond City Health District and other local health departments. Program participants receive nutritional education and are able to shop at local grocery stores for foods that promote the health and growth of children.CLICK HERE for more information or look us up under RCHD programs.


Richmond Smiles Dental Van

Sadly, we are suspending the Richmond Smiles Mobile Dental Program  while we work diligently with our community partners and potential funders to determine how to meet the oral health needs of our citizens. 

RCHD Speakers Bureau

If you’d like to have a Richmond City Health District Professional speak or provide a presentation about public health topics or services, contact us about the availability of a Speakers Bureau member.  Click here to email your request and to learn more.

Resource Centers

Resource Center

Working with community partners to provide health and referral services in RRHA communities.
Click here for more information.


Plan First Insurance Plan

Last Updated: 04-08-2014

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