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About Us

Virginia Beach Department of Public Health -

Our Values

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The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health (VBDPH) is a state-city cooperative health service agency. We have over 125 full-time employees, 20 part-time employees and countless volunteers each year.  We are located at 4 different offices in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach Department of Health Staff & Locations

What We Do:

The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health
Works to
Promote Public Health in Many Ways:

What Do We Do?

How Do We Do It?

We monitor the health status of the community.

This includes tracking trends in health indicators such as vaccination rates among children.

We conduct primary and secondary research on various public health issues.

Research ranges from community-wide health assessments to studies on specific topics like childhood obesity.

We implement evidence-based health prevention strategies.

We promote initiatives including car seat program, breastfeeding programs and rabies education, among others.

We provide leadership and instruction on emerging health issues.

Spearheading efforts in the community to address issues ranging from the flu to childhood obesity.

We detect, investigate and appropriately address reportable communicable diseases in the community.

Examples include foodborne and other gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory illnesses and sexually transmitted infections.

We promote healthy behaviors through education and counseling.

This encompasses anything from hand-washing practices to preconception health education for better birth outcomes to fall prevention programs for seniors.

We provide nutrition education, healthy foods and breastfeeding support for Women, Infants & Children.

The WIC program encourages healthy pregnancy outcomes, healthy eating and general better health.

We provide clinical services.

We provide immunizations, family planning, maternity care, dental care, TB and STD clinics. We make referrals to other systems, programs and clinics when necessary.

We train for and plan responses to a wide range of health threats and emergencies.

Recent examples include our response to the Ebola epidemic and natural disasters.

We foster safe and healthful physical environments.

Activities include beach water monitoring, inspecting onsite sewage ground water and more.

We ensure food and water safety.

We ensure compliance with regulations and laws by inspecting restaurants, hotels and care facilities.

We limit, prevent and alleviate environmental hazards.

This includes assisting in the repair of failing septic systems and promoting preparedness.

We partner with community organizations to support systemic solutions to health concerns.

We lead the HealthyVB coalition, a variety of organizations and agencies, dedicated to a Healthier Virginia Beach for ALL.

Last Updated: 07-12-2016

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