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Community Programs

Baby Care: The Baby Care Program promotes healthy outcomes for at risk pregnant women and infants through home visiting and education which is provided by registered nurses.
     (757) 382-8652

Communicable Disease Program: Focuses on investigation, follow-up and prevention of contagious diseases that pose a risk to the community.
     (757) 382-8681

Breast and Cervical Cancer Program: Provides free mammograms and Pap tests for eligible women over 50.  Educational programs on breast and cervical cancer are available to clubs and organizations.
     (757) 382-8710 or (757) 382-8658

Caregiver’s Support Group: Serves adults who are caring for an adult family member or friend.  A Public Health Nurse facilitator leads the support groups which are held at varying times throughout the month.
     (757) 382-8643

Child Safety Seat Program: Provides car seats for those Chesapeake residents who meet financial and program criteria.
     (757) 382-8652

Day Care Certification: Education is offered to day care staff on health screening.  This class satisfies the requirements of the Department of Social Services.
     (757) 382-8655

Health Education Seminars: Organizations may requiest educational programs on a variety of health related topics.
     (757) 382-8655

Health Fairs: Public Health Nurses and other professionals participate in community health fairs.  Blood pressure screening, health education displays and a variety of other services are available.
     (757) 382-8655

Nursing Home Pre-admission Screening: Evaluates individuals for nursing home placement and makes referrals for other community based services.  (757) 382-8706

Volunteer Opportunities: Chesapeake Health Department accepts volunteers to supplement and support our staff.  If you would like to learn more information regarding volunteer opportunities, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Becky Washburn at (757) 382-8719

Fees may be charged for certain services.

Last Updated: 06-05-2012

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