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Portsmouth Health Department

The Portsmouth Health Department is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving a healthy and safe community.

For reporting a public health emergency, such as a reportable disease or environmental public health hazard, after normal business hours, on holidays or weekends, please contact 866-531-3068


Volunteer for the Portsmouth Health District MRC
Volunteer for the Portsmouth Health District MRC

PHDMRC volunteers support local public health initiatives and emergency response. There are roles for both medical and non-medical volunteers.  Participate in mass prophylaxis and vaccinations exercises and community disaster drills.  Train with local emergency response partners.  To volunteer: visit


Stay Safe and Healthy This Summer

The temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer. Extreme heat is the leading cause of weather-related deaths in the United States. Heat stress ranges from milder conditions like heat rash and heat cramps to the most common, heat exhaustion. The most serious heat-related illness is heat stroke. Your best defense against heat-related illness is prevention. Staying cool and making simple changes in your fluid intake, activities, and clothing during hot weather can help you remain safe and healthy.  Here are some tips to make your summer the best and healthiest one yet.Extreme Heat Info Graphic

Hurricane Season Is Here!

Hurricane Season ImageHurricane season began on June 1 and continues through November 30th.  Do you know the difference between a Hurricane Warning and a Hurricane Watch?  How are hurricanes classified into categories?  Do you and your family have an emergency kit prepared with supplies?  Have your first step to becoming hurricane ready by visiting our Hurricane Safety Tips.

Grilling Safety

Outdoor grilling is one of the most popular ways to cook during the summer.  As you and your family cook outdoors, its' important to follow food safety guidelines to prevent foodborne illnesses. For more information and tips for safe grilling:


Last Updated: 07-01-2015

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