EMS Funding

EMS Funding Task Force Reports (July 1999 and 2000) (Document will be available soon)

The EMS Funding Task Force was established as a coalition of representatives from the many diverse components of the Virginia EMS system to address the growing concern for the adequacy of available state funding. The composition of the Task Force was carefully considered to assure representation from individuals and organizations interested and active in the provision and coordination of EMS across Virginia.

Pursuant to the Governor’s directive, this Task Force examined how best to address the priorities for emergency medical services set out in Virginia Code 32.1-111.3. The Governor’s directive further required that funding be directed towards effectively meeting the prioritized needs of all components of the EMS system. As such, the Task Force was charged to identify available resources and establish achievable funding goals. These tasks were assigned with an understanding that should the available resources be determined as inadequate to achieve the desired goals, the Task Force should look towards identification of alternative funding methods rather than jeopardizing the health and welfare of the citizens of the Commonwealth.