Educator Resources

Educator Resources

The following are guidance documents and/policy updates designed to assist Education Coordinators.

National Registry for EMS Education Coordinators

The following are links to NREMT guidance and/or policy for Education Coordinators.

Virginia Education Coordinator Certification

The links below are intended for those who are seeking to become an Education Coordinator in Virginia.

Virginia EMS Education Standards (VEMSES)

The following documents are related to the Virginia EMS Education Standards which are the basis for EMS education at all levels in Virginia.

These documents are for reference onlyHere are some other related documents that educators may find beneficial.

Teaching EMT Programs in Virginia's Public High Schools

The Virginia Office of EMS works in concert with the Department of Education to update the EMS program guidance documents which are published on Virginia's Educational Resource System Online (VERSO).

EMS related documents on the VERSO can be found below.

8336 36 weeks Emergency Medical Responder 2019/2020 HTML
8333 36 weeks Emergency Medical Technician I 2019/2020 HTML
8334 36 weeks Emergency Medical Technician II 2019/2020 HTML
8335 36 weeks Emergency Medical Technician III 2019/2020 HTML

Further questions should be directed to Chad Blosser, Education Program Manager. Chad can be reached via e-mail here: .