Data Compliance Report

The Division of Trauma and Critical Care within the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) has just released the EMS Data Submission Compliance Reports for April 2021.  The reports are generated each month and are provided to the Director of OEMS, the Division of Regulation and Compliance and the Rescue Squad Assistance Fund (RSAF) grants program.

When reviewing this report, please be aware of the following: 
No shading – In Compliance
Blue shading –  Indicates an agency corrected a “Failed to Submit” entry by either posting records or creating a “No Incidents to Report” entry but it was done late.

For assistance correcting your agency’s data compliance scores, contact OEMS support:

Virginia Administrative Code – EMS Regulations require every licensed EMS agency to submit Patient Care Records with the required minimum data set on a schedule established by the Office of EMS (OEMS) as authorized in §32.1-116.1 of the Code of Virginia.

This report will provide each agency with information on their following measures:

  • Agency Demographic Information (must be updated every calendar year)
  • Agency Data Dictionary Compliance (data submitted matches what is required)
  • 6 month Data Quality Scores (agency data submitted contains all required data fields)

If your agency utilizes a third party data vendor, please contact your vendor representative for assistance in submitting compliant data per EMS Regulations.

All agencies must be compliant by summer of 2020. Should your agency’s compliance scores not be acceptable you will be contacted by your Regulation & Compliance Division – Program Representative.