Funding your Future: Establishing Fee-for-Service Programs in Non-Profit EMS Agencies

“Funding Your Future:  Establishing Fee-for-Service Programs in Non-Profit EMS Agencies,” the latest in the EMS Agency Management Series from the Office of Emergency Medical Services, Virginia Department of Health is completed.  We are proud that many of our partner organizations endorse this project including the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads, the Virginia Association of Governmental EMS Administrators, the Alliance for EMS Education and Research and the Virginia Regional EMS Councils.

You will find two major resources on the OEMS Web site to help your EMS agency or locality consider billing for services.

Effective billing services ensure that your agency is collecting the right amount of fees from patients. Learn more about billing services and how you can improve your agency by visiting the Billing Services Product Category section of the Web site.

Please note that these resources were produced to help agencies and localities explore billing for services.  The Virginia Department of Health Office of Emergency Medical Services does not necessarily endorse the concept of billing for services by your agency or locality or the information available about billing services available on other Web sites.

Please contact for more information, comments, suggestions, etc.