Data Requests

The Virginia Office of EMS (OEMS) DATAWISE Team is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data from the OEMS Patient Care Reporting System, comprised of the Virginia Pre-hospital Information Bridge (VPHIB)* and the Virginia Statewide Trauma Registry (VSTR). Even though VPHIB and VSTR data are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the VDH OEMS, at its sole discretion, may make this information available.

If you are interested in receiving data from VPHIB or VSTR, please review the below information and complete the data request form. The completed form can be submitted to We recommend submitting your request as far in advance as possible, as we often must prioritize multiple data projects. Our priorities are to support our mandated programs and our agency, and to invest in projects that promote improvement of patient care and data systems.

*Please note, ESO serves as Virginia's state repository for prehospital data.