National Registry Recertification

National Registry Recertification Information for 2024

The Guide to Completing National Registry Recertification Application (below) has been developed

to assist Virginia providers who are certified with National Registry to complete their recertification application based on the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP). All providers recertifying in the 2024 certification cycle are utilizing the 2016 NCCP requirements.

Please follow this step-by-step guide when completing your National Registry recertification application. All answers highlighted in BOLD must be the response you provide to each question. Providers who do not maintain their Virginia CE report in alignment with their National Registry certification cycle will not be able to utilize this process.

Please remember to use the ‘Recertify Me’ option in your Virginia EMS portal after your National Registry has been recertified to maintain your CE report in alignment with your National Registry certification cycle.

Note: If you are selected for audit, please notify Debbie Akers ( and she will generate the verification certificate if possible. If your Virginia CE report is not aligned with your National Registry certification cycle, it may not be possible for our office to issue the verification.


Pearson VUE Test Site Information

The following links provide information on the polices and locations of Pearson VUE Test Centers.

Current Providers – National Registry 

The following links provide information and guidance for currently certified EMS Providers.

National Registry Podcasts

Continued Competency in EMS is a tough subject that comes with challenging concepts, evolving guidelines and changes in recertification. The National Registry’s new podcast series, hosted by Certification Chief Mark Terry, will take you along the journey of the new Continued Competency Project. This podcast will feature many special guests and explore the successes and road bumps of those working toward a new Agenda For The Future, Continued Competency Model.

Education Coordinators

The following are links to NREMT guidance and/or policy for Education Coordinators.

NREMT Account Creation Videos

The following is a list of videos developed by NREMT for describing account creation for various roles.