Regulation & Compliance Enforcement

The Office of EMS is responsible for the licensure of EMS agencies, endorsement of EMS Physicians, certification of EMS providers, permitting of EMS vehicles/aircraft/watercraft, designation of hospital Trauma Centers, and the compliance enforcement of the Regulations that guide them. The program representatives are the investigators that license EMS agencies, conduct investigations, inspect and permit EMS vehicles and provide technical assistance and resources regarding the delivery of Emergency Medical Services within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

As of January 1, 2022, All non-certified members (i.e., drivers/firefighters) are required to create an OEMS portal account to obtain a unique 9 digit OEMS # and affiliate in the OEMS portal with their EMS agency PRIOR to Fingerprint submission.


Create:  Non-Certified Member Portal Account

Online Forms:

Paper Card Request Form – Fingerprint Submission

Chapter 32 Progress Report:

Information provided here is to communicate where Chapter 32 is currently within the regulatory process and provide a copy of the Rules & Regulations Committee approved final draft of the new EMS Regulations.

Chapter 32 Documents Included By Reference (DIBR)

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R.D. Passmore
Division Director-Regulation & Compliance Enforcement
Phone: (804) 888-9131

MaryBeth Mizell
Administrative Assistant- Regulation & Compliance Enforcement
Phone: (804) 888-9130

Kathryn Hodges
Background Investigations – Regulation & Compliance Enforcement
Phone: (804) 888-9133

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