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To find enforcement actions against an entity regulated by the Virginia Office of EMS, click the appropriate button below.  Searches are currently broken down into two distinct subsets: EMS Providers and licensed EMS Agencies.

The Office of EMS publishes notices of enforcement actions taken against EMS agencies, EMS personnel and others it regulates. In each case, all required administrative proceedings have been completed. Notices will not be repeated, unless repetitive violations occur. This listing is not intended and should not be inferred as a guide to the level of sanction appropriate for a particular act or misconduct. Each enforcement action is based on the evidence collected or presented during the investigation or hearing(s) conducted. The Office of EMS is aware of the sensitive nature of publishing violations and sanctions against EMS personnel and agencies. Every effort is made to ensure that the information is accurate and presented in a fair and impartial manner. EMS certification numbers and/or EMS agency license numbers are provided to avoid confusion or misrepresentation

Enforcement Actions & Complaints


When searching enforcement actions, select the TYPE filter as follows:
When searching for a person, filter by Technicians and Individuals.
When searching for an EMS Agency, filter by Agency and Entity.

Disclaimer: This platform is intended to provide the enforcement actions taken by the Virginia Office of EMS in a searchable and downloadable format, but is not guaranteed to be comprehensive.  The names of the EMS provider and EMS Agencies contained herein reflect the institutions’ identities when the enforcement actions were finalized and do not necessarily represent their current identities.