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About Virginia's Provider Health & Safety Initiative

With an increase in struck by/near miss incidents, line of duty deaths (LODD), and health issues with EMS providers, the state EMS Advisory Board recognized a need to focus on provider health and safety. As a result of this initiative, the Provider Health and Safety Committee was formed. The committee has members representing various aspects of fire and EMS. The organizations represented include:

Regional EMS Councils
Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads
Virginia Professional Firefighter
CISM Team Representative
Virginia Association of Governmental EMS Administrators
Virginia Department of Fire Programs
Transportation Specialist
Safety Specialist
Mental Health Clinician

These groups, along with other invitees, will focus on various topics related to provider health and safety. The committee has many goals which include developing life safety initiative for EMS providers, promoting the use of critical incident stress management and mental health preparedness activities, supporting training programs on health and well-being, and providing research and supporting documentation on provider health and safety issues, as well as many other topics.

If you have any information or suggestions you would like to share with the committee, please contact Karen Owens, Emergency Operations Division Director.

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