EMS & Trauma Data

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About Us

The mission of the Virginia Office of EMS DATAWISE Team is to promote the collection, analysis, and dissemination of high-quality data to improve the caliber of emergency medical care in Virginia and expand the public's awareness of the role of EMS in the healthcare delivery system.

Data Analytics and Technology for Advanced Teamwork, Information Stewardship, & Epidemiology

What We Do

Our Patient Care Informatics Team maintains the OEMS Patient Care Reporting System, comprised of the Virginia Pre-hospital Information Bridge (VPHIB) and the Virginia Statewide Trauma Registry (VSTR). We ensure EMS agencies and hospitals are able to successfully submit data into VPHIB and VSTR to meet reporting requirements established in the Code of Virginia. We strive to keep our systems up-to-date and resolve issues in a timely manner.

The Epidemiology Team reviews, analyzes, and visualizes data coming from VPHIB and VSTR. We perform quality assurance of submitted data to enhance data accuracy and establish best practices for data management. We analyze and summarize EMS and trauma registry data to answer questions from legislators, academia, and the public. We carry out innovative research to support data-driven and evidence-based systems that promote and improve patient care quality. We apply EMS data to answer public health questions in collaboration with other teams within the Virginia Department of Health.