Adolescent Health

adolescent health team

Adolescent & School Health Program

The Richmond City Health District – Adolescent & School Health Program offers school and community-based health educational services throughout the City of Richmond. Our health education and promotion services are designed to reduce youth health risk indicators through the promotion of life skills that motivate young people and encourages healthy lifestyle choices. Helping Youth to Prevent Pregnancy (HYPP) is a teenage pregnancy prevention program that has been specifically developed for Richmond Youth and parents in an effort to address sexual risk-taking behaviors. We work with Richmond Public Schools, Richmond Community of Caring Initiative, Community in Schools, and community-based youth-serving agencies. Call (804) 205-3902 for information.

We focus on helping adolescents make healthy choices about their future and creating a supportive environment for adolescent health education throughout the City of Richmond.












Call (804) 205-3902 for information.