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The Richmond City Health District is Now Hiring

Thank you for your interest in a position at the Richmond City Health District. Richmond City Health District is now recruiting for the following positions:


Please check back for openings.


Before You Apply

Prior to applying, please follow the 3 step process below:

  1. Complete the online video training (regardless of what position you are applying for) via Coursera John Hopkins University “Contact Tracing.” Keep track of the date you complete the training, and print the certificate of completion (optional but preferred) and submit it along with your resume. This step will help you to understand the value of Contact Tracing and will provide you a good foundation for the sensitivity of every call with the public.
  2. Carefully review the job descriptions at the bottom of the Virginia Department of Health Coronavirus page and select the position you would like to apply for.
  3. Select and contact your preferred Staffing Agency. You will need to sign a Right To Represent Contract (RTR) and be confirmed with a staffing agency prior to moving through our application process. The staffing agency will be your primary source of contact and will be representing and guiding you through this entire application process, on-boarding and hiring process.


Applicants applying for all COVID-19 related career opportunities will be “contracted employees” via their confirmed staffing agency, not directly hired employees of VDH. Your staffing agency is a business partner of the Virginia Department of Health. This will be an ongoing relationship between you and your selected staffing agency, so please be sure to carefully view their website, or call and speak with someone to ensure you are making an informed decision. Be prepared to interview and email them your current resume. You will be paid through the staffing agency. Plan to discuss all job-related questions during your call with the staffing agency.

If hired, please note, everyone is on a 2 to 4 weeks probationary period* and assigned to a team based on what we think will be a good fit and staffing needs. It is possible that we may reassign you to another team or end your contract if we are unable to find a team based on your KSA's (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) and/or you are unable to complete orientation.
*each team’s probationary period varies 



How to Submit Your Application

For Contracted COVID Career Opportunities:

  • Submit your resume as a Word Document only (PDF resumes will be rejected).
  • At the header (very top) of your resume should be bolded in the following format:
      • Exact date of completion of the online training for Contact Tracers
      • Legal name and salutation (as printed on your valid driver’s license/social security card/US passport/visa)
      • Name of confirmed staffing agency, exact title of the position you are applying for and the maximum number of weekly hours you are available (include weekend availability).
      • Primary contact phone number, email address and city, county and state with zip code. DO NOT add your physical street address.
      • If you are being referred by someone, provide referrer's full name and phone number.



01/01/2020 Completed Online John Hopkins  CT Training  – Certificate Attached
Ms. Jane X. Doe – Delta T Group
Contact Tracer (35 hours weekly - avail 2 weekends per month)
Glen Allen / Henrico County, VA 23060
Your primary email address
Name and phone number of person referring you


Submit Resume to:

Submit resume to: richencovidresumemail@vdh.virginia.gov


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