Emergency Preparedness and Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

The RCHD Emergency Preparedness Program develops plans and coordinates activities to ensure that the Richmond City Health District is prepared to respond rapidly and effectively to public health emergencies. Our emergency preparedness coordinator works closely with city, state, and federal emergency planners to plan and implement responses to threats such as disease outbreaks or natural disasters. This includes a Pandemic Influenza Response Plan that provides training for RCHD personnel and volunteers to develop capacity for dispensing mass prophylaxis at city-wide and regional levels.  Call (804) 205-3753.

Richmond City Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

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Medical Reserve Corps – Volunteers
The support of community volunteers is needed to help the RCHD meet the challenges of a large-scale public health emergency or disaster. That’s where the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) comes in. Recruiting and training a MRC unit is an important part of our emergency preparedness plan.

What is the Medical Reserve Corps

What is the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)?
The Medical Reserve Corps provides communities with medical and non-medical volunteers trained to assist in the event of a large-scale public health emergency. Volunteers will be called on to assist during emergencies that include hurricanes/severe weather or other incidents such as disease outbreaks, terrorism, or major accidents and disasters.

Who can volunteer

Who can volunteer?

Everyone is encouraged to join the Richmond MRC. The MRC is recruiting both medical and non-medical volunteers. We need people with a variety of skills.

  • MRC volunteers include practicing and retired medical and public health professionals such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, students, mental health workers, home health care workers and others.
    • MRC volunteers also include concerned local citizens with or without medical expertise who are interested in being trained to assist themselves and the community during an emergency.

What will I do in an emergency

What will I do during an emergency as an MRC volunteer?

    • Perform duties and functions as required by the Health Department to respond to or mitigate disasters
    • Dispense medications and vaccines in the community
    • Staff emergency shelters or alternate-care sites
    • Staff emergency center hotlines
    • Assist with administrative and other essential support functions
    • Conduct assignments based on your background and training

What training will I receive

What training will I receive?
MRC volunteers are offered orientations to the MRC and can receive training in emergency management, Personal & Family Preparedness, Bioterrorism Awareness, First AID, Pandemic Influenza, Points of Dispensing, and they can participate in RCHD emergency training exercises.
Click here for a multimedia presentation on the MRC public health training portal, TRAIN. (Registration required.)

More MRC information

For additional information and training locations, please contact Kate Bausman at 804-205-3730, or by email at kate.bausman@vdh.virginia.gov

Henrico County Health Department – Emergency Preparedness

Visit Henrico County – Emergency Preparedness Division to learn more about volunteer opportunities and personal preparedness.