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Salmonella alert: Gills Onions recall

Don’t let Salmonella slow you down this Halloween; let’s save the green faces for Frankenstein’s Monster and Elphaba. CDC has issued a recall for Gills Onions products in light of Salmonella cases in 22 states, including Virginia. CDC recommends throwing away any of the products included in the recall (you can see the full list at the alert) and contacting... Continue reading

Lead Poisoning infograph

It’s coming from inside the house: Environmental Health and Lead Safe and Healthy Homes at RHHD 

Ghouls and zombies don’t spook RHHD’s Environmental Health and Lead Safe and Healthy Homes teams. They’re too busy ensuring you have what you need to protect your home from outside invaders—like bats, rodents, or insects—or from dangerous toxins like lead. Here are some of their scariest facts: In their lifetime, female roaches can lay up to 400 eggs. Roaches... Continue reading

Waymakers Foundation staff

Health Literacy and Trustworthiness: Spotlight on Waymakers Foundation

Today, we’re spotlighting Waymakers Foundation, a food bank, community hub, and Health Equity Fund recipient that works predominantly with Hispanic and Latino communities in the greater Richmond area. Waymakers founder Natasha Lemus considers trust one of the keys to the organization’s success, which is something she’s cultivated during her 16 years of living and advocating in Richmond: “Having trust... Continue reading


“The backbone of public health:” Celebrating our Disease Intervention Specialists  

Friday, Oct. 6, is Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) Recognition Day. If you haven’t heard of DIS before, you’re not alone—chances are, they’ve helped you live a healthier life regardless. Disease Intervention Specialists are what CDC calls “the backbone of public health in the United States.” From DIS Supervisor Brad Cox’s perspective, a DIS is simultaneously a detective, a... Continue reading

icon of nursing person

A lactation room of one’s own

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month, and the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee focused the first week on “making a difference for working parents.” Without federal or state-guaranteed paid family leave for all workers, parents making a difficult decision to return to work after childbirth also have to deal with the logistical challenges of breastfeeding while separated from their children. The Virginia Department of Health notes that... Continue reading