Free From Tobacco Program

Our Vision

Free From Tobacco is a culturally competent community program designed to remove barriers that traditionally have created challenges for those who wish to quit and stay quit from all tobacco products. Meeting, supporting, and coaching residents where they are on their quit journey, not only increases their chances to successfully quit, and stay quit, but also ultimately promotes overall health, well being, and better management of potential chronic diseases.



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What We Do

  • Cessation classes or support groups (Nic A)
  • Linking and referring to community resources including Medicaid, disease management, housing, employment, etc.
  • Investment in Richmond residents as leaders in the community
  • Compassionate, nonjudgmental support on your journey to quit and stay quit 

Our Coaches

Free From Tobacco Peer Coaches are local Richmond City Residents who are invested in their communities. Residents have been reporting to the coaches that stressors in their lives are directly linked to their nicotine addiction, and make it hard for them to quit. Free From Tobacco Coaches not only know the communities they serve, but also have personal knowledge of other local resources residents can utilize to manage other medical, and personal challenges in their lives.

Community Stories Told by Coaches

"An 18-year-old male client has been successful in moving his quit journey from a 1-4. He is thinking critically now about how his smoking impacts his health but more importantly he has learned that his smoking habit is connected to his stress. He recently traveled with a youth development program out of town and had the urge to smoke. He had the means to walk off at will and purchase his own black & mild but instead he decided to hang out in the hotels hot tub. He loved it and found it more relaxing than smoking! In this moment he discovered there are positive ways to relieve stress without harming his body and now working towards learning more."

"We have engaged members of the community who have been searching for a supportive resource like this leaving them feeling inspired and informed."

"I've worked with two city residents that started their journey with me back in November or December. They both smoked almost a pack a day. I took them to the resource center and they both received nicotine patches and gum. Now neither of them is smoking, and they have stopped using the patches and gum. They thanked me for reinforcing their idea to stop and for helping them construct a 'stop plan' to give them a map on how to stop. #freefromtobacco"

Outside Partners Providing FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to All by Appointment

Crossover Ministries
108 Cowardin Ave.
(804) 655-2794

Health Brigade
1010 N Thompson St,
(804) 358-6343

The Daily Planet
517 W. Grace Street
(804) 783-0678

The Daily Planet
180 Belt Boulevard
(804) 292-3011

Outside Resources