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 Fitness Warriors

The Fitness Warrior program removes barriers to physical activity by creating convenient, accessible, opportunities for fitness in underserved communities. Using a “Train-the-Trainer” model, the program selects and coaches fitness-minded residents to lead free group-based exercise classes in a variety of settings including churches, schools, senior residences and recreation centers. In addition to encouraging residents to embrace an active lifestyle, the program builds economic sustainability by supporting Warriors to turn their new skills as Fitness Instructors into a profession.

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Food Access & Equity

foodaccessThe Food Access and Equity Task Force was established to improve access to quality, affordable, healthy fresh foods throughout the City of Richmond. Of particular interest to the group is improving access in areas of the City that have been designated as “food deserts.”

The Task Force is comprised of community advocates, academia, community leaders, members of the business sector, representatives from local government, and other stakeholders. Partners include but are not limited to Councilwoman Cynthia Newbille, who represents Richmond’s 7th District, an identified food desert in the East End of the City; State Delegate Delores McQuinn; Richmond City Health District; Institute for Public Health Innovation; Virginia Community Capital; Bon Secours Health System; Greater Richmond Fit4Kids; Tricycle Gardens; Shalom Farms; Renew Richmond; and the Greater Richmond YMCA.

With the support of an Agriculture and Forest Industries Development Fund planning grant, the Food Access and Equity Task Force of the City of Richmond will conduct local food access and equity policy assessments and develop a new Food System Plan to promote urban agriculture, nutrition education, community engagement, policy change, and overall access to healthy food for low-income, low-access communities in Richmond.

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Richmond Healthy Corner Store Initiative (RHCSI)

What is RHCSI?

RHCSI is a program that is aimed at addressing community access to healthy foods in the City of Richmond.

What is the focus of RHCSI?

The focus is connecting with corner stores that are located in areas underserved by fresh food retail outlets, like grocery stores.  Corner stores for many neighborhood can be the only food source for many Richmond residents to utilize in areas identified as food deserts.

What are food deserts?

Food deserts are defined as urban neighborhoods and rural towns without ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. These communities may have no food access or are served only by fast food restaurants and convenience stores that offer few healthy, affordable food options. The lack of access contributes to a poor diet and can lead to higher levels of obesity and other diet-related diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. This program is implemented through the work of our partner – Shalom Farms.

Click here to see what Healthy Corner Store Owners have to say!

*For more information about Food Deserts, please view this  link: and/or contact


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Richmond Healthy Corner Store Initiative (RHCSI)

Central Locations

  • Davis Market
    301 W. Grace Street
    Richmond, VA 23220

South Side Locations

  • 701 Express
    701 Jefferson Davis Hwy
    Richmond, VA 23224
  • Food Mart
    3401 Jefferson Davis Hwy
    Richmond, VA 23224
  • Hopkins Store
    1437 Hopkins Road
    Richmond, VA 23224
  • RS Express
    4007 Jefferson Davis Hwy
    Richmond, VA 23234
  • James Food Store
    1808 Broad Rock Blvd
    Richmond, VA 23224

East End Locations

  • Stop & Go
    1600 Mechanicsville Turnpike
    Richmond, VA 23222
  • Food Circus
    1814 Creighton Road
    Richmond, VA 23233


before-rhcsi   after-rhcsi

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Community – Clinical Linkages


treehandThe Clinical Linkages program is a coordinated effort between RCHD’s Clinical Services Division and the Chronic Disease Program to provide a simple system by which CHD clients can be guided to the medical care that they need. Currently, the social worker at our Cary Street location and the Community Advocate and Housing advocate teams at the Resource Center sites serve as a bridge to health care coverage, primary care physicians, specialists, and other health resources. The Clinical inkages program works to foster relationships between healthcare providers in order to promote an efficient path to wellness for all RCHD clients.

For more information contact

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Health In All Policy (HiAP)

rchdHealth in All Policy (HiAP) has a goal to promote and institutionalize collaboration between sectors in an effort to address and improve the social determinants of health across the city.

In 2014, Richmond’s rankings in overall health outcomes came out to 121 out of 133 jurisdictions in Virginia. Ranking even lower in social and economic factors influencing health, at 129 out of 133.

These rankings proved that the City of Richmond is in need of an intervention that will recognize social, economic, and environmental determinants of health (SDOH). HiAP not only aims to increase awareness to the consideration of SDOH, but to ensure that the considerations of SDOH are systematically incorporated into formal decision making in a sustainable manner.


HiAP will provide policy makers with the knowledge and concrete tools needed to consider potential health implications of any policies or projects before they are finalized.

For more information contact

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Worksite Wellness

RCHD is committed to promoting healthier lifestyle choices among its employees. The Chronic Disease Program has established an Employee Wellness Committee to carry out interventions that align with the organization’s over-arching goals of improving the health and well-being of RCHD staff members. The Employee Wellness Committee’s mission is to:

  • Assist employees in increasing/sustaining optimal health in order to better serve the residents of the City  of Richmond.
  • Maintain a workplace that encourages environmental and social support for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Enhance physical, emotional, and intellectual health of RCHD employees through means of awareness, education, and onsite health promotion programming.

For more information about Richmond City Health District’s Worksite Wellness program please contact


Through a partnership with the non-profit Project Yoga Richmond, RCHD staff
were able to participate in a yoga class to promote wellness in mind, body, & spirit.

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The Mobile Market

The Grown to Go Mobile Market serves Central Virginia by selling fresh, organic, and local produce to community members who have limited access to healthy food. SNAP is welcomed and discount prices are offered at all of our market locations. To view all the market locations and times, take a look at the Grown to Go schedule online.

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