Internship Program

hannah-and-veggiesThe RCHD Internship Program seeks to prepare the next generation of public health professionals by giving students interested in public health opportunities to gain skills relevant to the field. RCHD interns will tackle projects relevant to public health in Richmond under the guidance of RCHD public health professionals. Energetic, motivated students interested in serving the Richmond community and learning more about public health are encouraged to apply.

One of the CDC’s Ten Essential Functions of Public Health is to assure a competent public health workforce. The RCHD Internship Program focuses on preparing undergraduate and graduate students for careers in public health by combining real-life application of learned concepts in the field with guidance from many of Richmond’s top public health professionals. We reach this goal by doing the following:

  1. Providing an opportunity for students to work. RCHD interns help to advance the mission and programs of RCHD by contributing to projects ranging from conducting research analyses or writing grants to joining the community outreach effort. Our interns identify problems, think critically about solutions and implement them.
  2. Providing an opportunity for students to learn. RCHD interns build professional skills by working in our office and in the field, but they also have access to mentorship relationships with our staff and supervisors spanning the full spectrum of RCHD’s departments.
  3. Providing an opportunity for career exploration. Ultimately, we hope RCHD interns will find an element of public health that they love and that they will choose to pursue a career in public health, thus ensuring a competent public health workforce.


Interested in applying for an internship?

Learn more about our requirements and opportunities and submit the following to

• Position you are applying for

• Resume

• Cover letter

• Course requirements (This is required only for students completing the internship for course credit. Students seeking an internship solely for experience do not have to submit course requirements.)

If you have any questions about the RCHD Internship program, call the Internship Coordinator at (804) 205-3755.

Important Links:
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