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Packaging Student Files

files When packaging student files, one of the easiest and most practical methods is to use classification folders. Classification folders come in 4, 6 and 8 sections and allow you to organize each student’s file in the same fashion.

While the Office of EMS does not require a specific method/order for student and course files, we do have some suggestions for how to make this process simple and easy while at the same time ensuring that instructors maintain appropriate paperwork on all students.

OEMS suggests that instructors purchase 6 section classification folders for use for both student and course files. Listed below are the forms/paperwork which we suggest be organized in each of the various sections of the folder.

Section 1

Application and Admission Information

  • Application for Admission
  • Copy of high school diploma, transcript or GED
  • Copies of any pre-tests or admissions testing

Section 2

Virginia Office of EMS Paperwork

  • Student Information Package Sheet
  • Criminal Record Acknowledgement

Section 3

Competency Tracking and Skills Approvals

  • Master competency tracking sheet(s)
  • Master skills approval sheet(s)
  • Transcript
  • Copy of OEMS test results

Section 4

Student Evaluations

  • Copies of preceptor evaluations of student – both clinical and field.
  • Copies of lab instructor evaluations of student’s performance
  • Other evaluation instruments
  • Copies of all counseling notes

Section 5

Call Sheets / Run Reports

  • Copies of all call sheets the student participated in
  • Copies of all run reports the student completed.

Section 6

Quiz and Test Results

  • Copies of all graded quizzes the student took
  • Copies of all graded test answer sheets for the student

Exclamation PointHealthcare records (e.g. student physicals, shot records, any exposure related documentation) must be filed and secured in separately from other student records.  These files must be under lock and key and at the sole control of the program's designated Infection Control Officer.  No one other than the program’s Infection Control Officer shall have access to these records unless given written permission by the student.

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Last Updated: 02-07-2012

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