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2010 Symposium Presentations


AIR-104 & AIR-110 Predicting the Difficult Airway
AIR-105 Capnography - Advanced Concepts
AIR-108 Advanced Airway


CAR-201 Anatomy of a Myocardial Infarction
CAR-205 Basic 12 Lead Interpretation
CAR-212 EMS and the Cardiac Assist Device: Coming to your town!


CISM-303 Taking Care of Our Own: Contemporary Approaches to Behavioral Health in Fire and EMS Organizations


COM-404 The Customer is Always RIGHT!

Critical Care

CRI-508 One Pill Can Kill - Toxic Medications - PowerPoint Presentation | Attachments


EDU-603 Team Based Learning for EMS Instructors
EDU-604 Field Internship - If You Build It They Will Come
EDU-620 A Breathless Example of Evidence Based Learning

Leadership and Management

LMGT-708 Motivating Today’s Employee?
LMGT-711 Do You Work in an Ethical Environment? - PowerPoint Presentation | Attachments
LMGT-713 Laziness, Lies, & Management  - Documentation Issues & Case Studies
LMGT-717 Front Line Supervision - PowerPoint Presentation | Attachments
LMGT-721 “Do You Have What It Takes?” Defining and Understanding Professionalism in the World of EMS
LMGT-723 Strategic Recruiting and Selection - PowerPoint Presentation | Attachments
LMGT-725 Managing EMS Providers…Herding Cats!
LMGT-727 Are You Leading The Way Or Being Chased?
LMGT-729 So…You Drive an Ambulance
LMGT-732 The Wrong Family: Virginia Fights Back Against Gangs
LMGT-733 Grants…Its Not Just for Ambulances Anymore


MED-802 Understanding the Autonomic Nervous  System - Essentials of EMS Pharmacology - PowerPoint Presentation | Attachments
MED-811 It’s Not Just a Sniffle: Public Health and EMS Collaboration in Pandemic Planning and Response

MED-815 Annual OSHA and Infection Control Up-Date
MED-816 Back from the Abyss-Drowning Emergencies
MED-817 Code Management


OPE-902 Chief, I think we have a problem! COOP Planning for EMS
OPE-917 & OPE-928 Elephant on the Fireground; Secrets of NFPA 1584 Compliant Rehab
OPE-921 Conducting Effective Response Exercise
OPE-923 If Pigs Could Fly, Would They Carry Bird Flu?
OPE-924 WMD Awareness for the Emergency Medical Service Responder


PRE-001 Field Training Officer Workshop
PRE-019 Assessment and Treatment of Trauma-Advanced


PREP-1013 Rapid Sequence Itubation


SAF-2001 Roadway Incident Safety For Emergency Responders
SAF-2005 EMS Safety Officer- Taking care of our own

Special Considerations

SPE-3011 Pediatric Shock


TRA-4006 The Traumatic Airway
TRA-4013 Minimizing Risk in Cervical Spine Injuries - Don’t Stick Your Neck Out
TRA-4019 Burns
TRA-4021 Ocular Trauma

Last Updated: 07-20-2012

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