Office of EMS Staff Listing by Division

Accreditation, Certification & Education

 Contact Name  Position  Phone Number/Email Address
Debbie T. Akers Division Director, Accreditation, Certification & Education 804-888-9122
Chad Blosser Education Program Manager 804-888-9124
Crystal Cuffley Virginia EMS Portal Help Desk Technician 804-888-9102
Norma Howard Continuing Education, Name Changes, CE Reports 804-888-9137
Jacqueline Hunter Scholarship and Accreditation Coordinator 804-888-9107
Tracie Jones EMS Course Information 804-888-9126
Toni Twyman Certification and Reciprocity 804-888-9127

Administrative & Fiscal

 Contact Name  Position  Phone Number/Email Address
Lakisha Brown Fiscal Technician, Accounts Payable 888-9177
Pat Couser Fiscal Technician, Accounts Payable 804-888-9103
Faye Hunt Fiscal Technician, Accounts Payable 804-888-9104
Luke Parker RSAF Grants Manager 804-888-9106
Linwood Pulling RSAF Grants Specialist 804-888-9105
Keith Roberts Human Resources Analyst 804-888-9108
David Thomas Admin. Fleet & Logistics 804-888-9129

Community Health and Technical Resources

 Contact Name  Position  Phone Number/Email Address
Tim Perkins Community Health and Technical Resources Division Director 804-888-9136
David Edwards Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator
Virginia EMS for Children Coordinator
Hannah Lyons Program Specialist 804-888-9100
​Chris Vernovai ​​EMS Systems Planner ​ 804-888-9120

Emergency Operations

 Contact Name  Position  Phone Number/Email Address
Karen Owens Division Director, Emergency Operations 804-888-9155
Sam Burnette Emergency Services Coordinator 804-888-9156
Kari Magner Emergency Services Coordinator 804-888-9158

Executive Management

 Contact Name  Position  Phone Number/Email Address
Gary Brown Director 804-888-9100
Cam Crittenden Contract Hearings Officer
Tristen Graves Public Relations Assistant 804-888-9115
Irene Hamilton Administrative Consultant 804-888-9110
Adam Harrell Associate Director 804-888-9101
Marian Hunter Public Relations Coordinator 804-888-9116
Dr. George Lindbeck State EMS Medical Director 804-888-9100
Wanda Street Executive Secretary to Director 804-888-9140
Scott Winston Assistant Director 804-888-9135

Information Technology

 Contact Name  Position  Phone Number/Email Address
Tracy Mason IT Programmer/Webmaster 804-888-9172
Nikki Tolliver Business Analyst 804-888-9175

Regulations & Compliance

 Contact Name  Position  Phone Number/Email Address
Ron Passmore Regulation & Compliance Division Director 804-888-9131
Chad Gregg EMS Program Representative 804-774-6262
Jimmy Burch EMS Program Representative Supervisor 434-372-0291
Shirley Peoples Background Unit 804-888-9165
Paul Fleenor EMS Program Representative Supervisor 540-392-0797
Kathryn Hodges Background Unit 804-888-9133
Ron Kendrick EMS Program Representative 276-926-5602
Doug Layton EMS Program Representative 434-964-2499
Steve McNeer EMS Program Representative 804-323-2929
Marybeth Mizell Regulations & Compliance Support Technician 804-888-9130
Len Mascaro EMS Program Representative 804-774-5765
Scotty Williams EMS Program Representative 804-221-2821

 Trauma & Critical Care

 Contact Name  Position  Phone Number/Email Address
Mindy Carter Division Director, Trauma and Critical Care 804-888-9100
J. Bryan Hodges Patient Care Informatics System Supervisor 804-888-9145
Barry Reeves Patient Care Informatics System Support Staff 804-888-9142
Jessica Rosner Epidemiology Program Manager 804-888-9173
Sayed Sadaat Patient Care Informatics System Support Sta Phone: (804) 888-9100
Samondria Wilson Patient Care Informatics System Support Staff Phone: (804) 888-9100


Hybrid Virginia EMS Councils

Blue Ridge EMS Council

 Contact Name  Position  Phone Number/Email Address
Mary Kathryn Allen BREMS Director 434-947-5934

Central Shenandoah EMS Council

 Contact Name  Position  Phone Number/Email Address
Daniel Linkins CSEMS Director 540-886-3676

Rappahannock EMS Council

 Contact Name  Position  Phone Number/Email Address
Wayne Perry REMS Director 540-373-0249