RADMAT Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I amend my radioactive materials license? How much does it cost?

Renewals or amendments may be requested in a letter or facsimile. The document should clearly state what changes are requested, include any additional documents required and be signed by the Radiation Safety Officer or a member of management.

There is no cost for a license amendment.

2.  When do I amend my radioactive materials license?

Any time there is a change in the information on the license, such as, a change of address, deletion or addition of users, amount and/or type of radioactive material being used.

3. Where can I obtain information about licensing radioactive material in Virginia?

Questions about radioactive materials licenses in Virginia should be directed to:
Sheila Nelson  Email: sheila.nelson@vdh.virginia.gov   Phone: (804) 864-8168
Rose Yankoski  Email: rose.yankoski@vdh.virginia.gov Phone: (804)929-6005

4. Who do I notify if I need to bring radioactive materials into Virginia? How much does it cost?

Any person or entity desiring reciprocity, must notify the Radioactive Materials Program at least three days prior to entering the State. A checklist for the required documents is available for use:Reciprocity Checklist. The reciprocity fee is 50% of the activities annual fee. The fee schedule may be found at: 12VAC5-490 Fee Schedule

A current copy of the requestor’s radioactive materials license must be on file with the Licensing Program.

5. How do I report radiation emergencies or incidents?

During normal working hours (8:00 – 4:30), the telephone number is (804) 864-8150. Outside of normal working hours, please call the Virginia Department of Emergency Management at (800) 468-8892 or (804) 674-2400 and ask to speak with the VDH Radiological Duty Officer.

6. How do I apply for a radioactive material license?

An application is available for each type of material use on our website. A regulatory guide has also been created to assist in the completion of the application. The application consists of items in which you will be asked to submit information or commit to follow procedures in the reg guide. If you have any questions while completing the application, please contact our office.

7. How do I amend a license for a change in ownership?

An amendment request must be submitted along with specific information regarding the change. Use the information needed for transfer of control document which contains six questions to be answered regarding the change. If you have any questions while answering the questions please contact us.  

Office of Radiological Health | 109 Governor Street,  7th Floor | Richmond, VA  23219

Telephone (804) 864-8150 | Fax: (804) 864-8155