X-ray Forms

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Medical Registration Form: RH-F-2 (01/2020)

Non Medical Registration Form RH-F-3 (01/2020)

Inspection Reporting

X-Ray Machine Inspection Report: RH-F-21 (05/27/2021)

Radiographic Form: RH-F-22 (01/2020)

Dental Intra-Oral Form: RH-F-23 (01/2020)

PanoramicCBCT Form: RH-F-26 (01/2020)

Veterinary Form: RH-F-25 (01/2020)

Fluoroscopic Radiographic System: RH-F-24 (01/2020)

Computed Tomography Systems: RH-F-28 (01/2020)

Therapeutic Units: RH-F-29 (01/2020)

Bone Density Form: RH-F-36 (01/2020c)

Podiatric Form: RH-F-37 (01/2020)

Specimen Form: RH-F-45 (01/2021)

Non-Medical Form: RH-F-33 (01/2020)


Useful Postings

Notice to Employees Form: RH-F-12 (01/2020)

Operator’s List Medical RH-F-31 (01/2020)

Operator’s List Non-Medical RH-F-44 (01/2020)

ORH-744: Radiation Safety Practices for General Radiography

ORH-745: Radiation Safety Practices for Dental Offices

ORH-746: Radiation Safety Practices for Veterinary Offices

ORH-747: Radiation Safety Practices for Non-medical Devices

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