X-ray Inspections

Private Inspectors:

The X-ray Private Inspector directory includes information about each individual inspector including their name, company, address, type of inspections performed, and comments about additional accreditation.

To download a copy of the current State and Private Inspectors in a pdf file, click Qualified Private Inspectors

Please report any issues concerning the accuracy of this directory to radhealth-comments@vdh.virginia.gov.

State Inspectors:

To request an inspection of your x-ray unit by a VDH state employee, please complete the state inspection request survey. Please note: state inspections are provided depending on staff availability and are not guaranteed. Private inspectors must be utilized in the event a state inspection request cannot be granted.

Want to provide feedback on your recent state x-ray inspection? Complete our state inspection satisfaction survey.

Central Region:

Mike Lee

Phone: (804) 659-3807

Email: Michael.Lee@vdh.virginia.gov


Jessica Kaufmann

Phone: (804) 864-8167

Email: Jessica.Kaufmann@vdh.virginia.gov


Al Perlas

Phone: (804) 864-8171

Email: Al.Perlas@vdh.virginia.gov


Bob Lawson

Non-Medical Inspection

Phone: (804)864-8163

Email: Bob.Lawson@vdh.virginia.gov


Eastern Region:

Savanna Ezernack

Phone: (804)659-3822

Email: Savanna.Ezernack@vdh.virginia.gov


Northern Region:

Maxine McCarthy


Email: Maxine.McCarthy@vdh.virginia.gov


Southwest Region:

Richard F. Conway

Phone: (540) 776-6530

Fax: (540) 776-6530

Email: Richard.Conway@vdh.virginia.gov



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