Directory of Private Inspectors

Private Inspectors:

The X-ray Private Inspector directory includes information about each individual inspector including their name, company, address, type of inspections they perform and comments about additional accreditation.

To download a copy of the current State and Private Inspectors in a pdf file, click Qualified Private Inspector

Please report any problems you should encounter concerning this directory or any of the inspectors listed to the address at the bottom of this page.

State Inspectors:

Central Region:

Lea Anna Perlas 

        Director, X-Ray Program

Phone: (804) 864-8170



Al Perlas

Phone: (804) 864-8171



Jessica Kaufmann

Phone: (804) 864-8167



Central-North Region

          Thomas Verdicchio

Phone: (804)864-7197



Eastern Region:

Julio Torres



Northern Region:

  Maxine McCarthy





Southwest Region:

Richard F. Conway

Phone: (540) 776-6530

Fax: (540) 776-6530



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Telephone (804) 864-8150 | X-ray Fax: (804) 864-8175