Environmental Monitoring

“To protect public health and the environment by measuring radiation and radioactivity in our environment, and by evaluation of protective techniques through the timely measurement of radioactive contamination at nuclear facilities.”

The Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) performs the following functions: surveys radiation and radioactivity in the environment, estimates radiation doses to individuals and populations, and assesses the likely effects of specific radiation hazards. The program’s technological capabilities supplement the administrative and regulatory controls of the Radiation Control Division.

This group serves as a valuable information resource for cost-effective radiation dose assessment and dose reduction techniques. The Environmental Monitoring Program makes available its resources to managers of all facilities who might have an interest in this subject area.

VDH collects environmental samples for the following facilities:

The Environmental Monitoring Program publishes quarterly and annual reports of sampling results.  Links to the EMP’s quarterly and annual reports are provided below:

2024 1st Quarter Report


Environmental Monitoring Program Annual Reports are available in .pdf format for the following years: