12VAC5-481-590 is the regulation for reciprocal recognition of licenses. In order to obtain reciprocity privileges in Virginia a company must annually submit a request to the Radioactive Materials Program through an email (  or mailing address given below.  We have created a checklist of items needed to be submitted for review: Reciprocity Checklist.

Once reciprocity has been granted we will send out a letter notifying you and will also include the expiration date. The reciprocity granted will be for one year from the time of approval. You are limited to 180 working days during that year. In order to review your reciprocity you need to send in a request and let us know whether the license and procedures have changed. If not they need not be submitted again.

The required fee is 50% of the annual specific license fee (12VAC5-490). Checks should be made out to “Virginia Department of Health” or payment may be made at our credit card site: VDH – ORH Credit Card Site.

At least 3 days prior to a reciprocity job you must submit the work site information listed on the checklist. For emergency situations or jobs requiring less than three days notification please contact us by phone first.

Reciprocity  application and  job information can be emailed to  attention to Kristina Verderame,  or  Rose Yankoski or Kenneth Farmer through the

Reciprocity Application Form

Three Days Reciprocity Notification Form

If you prefer to mail the information, use the following address:

Radioactive Materials Program
109 Governor Street, 7th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219

If you have any questions please contact Kristina Verderame  at 804-864-8156 or Rose Yankoski at 804-929-6005 or Kenneth Farmer at 804-864-8157 or Sheila Nelson at 804-864-8168.

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