X-Ray Regulations

Radiation regulations can be found at the Virginia Legislative Information System (LIS)

Each licensee is not subject to all parts of 12VAC5-481. The following table delineates which parts of 12VAC5-481 are applicable to your program:

Registrant Type PARTS
Diagnostic I, II, IV, VI, X
Veterinary I, II, IV, VI, X,
Bone Density I, II, IV, VI, X
Therapy I, II, IV, IX, X, XV
Analytical I, II, IV, VIII, X
Cabinet I, II, IV, V, VIII, IX, X
Industrial I, II, IV, V, IX, X


X-Ray regulation exemptions:

Particle Accelerator Control Access- Human Use

Private Inspector Applicant-Mammography

Veterinary CT

Dual Use Human/Animal CT

Xstahl RADiant

Dental Handheld

Gonadal Shielding

Sensus SRT-100

Veterinary HVL Requirements

Veterinary Light Field Illuminance

Non-Medical Private Inspector

Particle Accelerator Control Access-Non-Human Use

Patient Viewing


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