RADMAT Regulations

The Virginia Radiation Protection regulations (12VAC5-481) can be found at the Virginia Legislative Information System (LIS)

For your convenience, this table lists each program type and the applicable Parts.  Part I: General Provisions; Part III: Licensing of Radioactive Material; Part IV: Standards for Protection Against Radiation; Part V: Radiation Safety Requirements for Industrial Radiography; Part VII: Use of Radionuclides in the Healing Arts; Part X: Notices, Instructions, and Reports to Workers; Inspections; Part XI: Licensing Requirements for Land Disposal for Radioactive Waste; Part XII: Licensing and Radiation Safety Requirements for Irradiators; Part XIII: Transportation of Radioactive Material; Part XIV: Radiation Safety Requirements for Wireline Service Operations and Subsurface Tracer Studies; Part XVI: Regulation and Licensing of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials; and Part XVII: Schedules.

License Type Applicable Parts
Portable Gauge / XRF I,    III,    IV,    X,    XIII,    XVII
Radiography I,    III,    IV,    V,    X,    XIII,  XVII
Fixed Gauge I,    III,    IV,    X,    XIII,    XVII
Self Shielded Irradiator I,    III,    IV,    X,    XIII,    XVII
Pool Irradiator I,    III,    IV,    X,    XII,    XIII,   XVII
R&D and Other Specific Licenses I,    III,    IV,    X,    XIII,    XVII
Medical I,    III,    IV,    VII,    X,    XIII,  XVII
Broad Scope I,    III,   IV,    X,    XIII,    XVII
Radiopharmacy I,    III,    IV,    VII,    X,    XIII,  XVII
Well Logging I,    III,    IV,    X,    XIII,    XIV,  XVII
Sealed Sources I,    III,    IV,    X,    XIII,    XVII


The following documents may be used by licensees to ensure they are meeting the new 12VAC5-481-451 security requirements:

12VAC5-481-451 Checklist 1

12VAC5-481-451 Checklist 2

12VAC5-481-451 Checklist 3

12VAC5-481-451 Checklist 4

12VAC5-481-451 FAQ





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