X-ray Guidance Documents

Occasionally X-ray staff publish documents to inform X-ray registrants of regulatory concerns or guidance for new types of equipment not addressed specifically in the regulations. The following guidances have been released:

ORH-700: Guidance for the retention of X-ray records

ORH-705: Policy on bone densitometry equipment and operator licensure

ORH-706: Guidance on healing arts screening programs

ORH-707: Guidance on film processing chemicals disposal or reclemation

ORH-708: Guidance for inspections at mammography facilities

ORH-709: Guidance for mammography facilities regarding patient notification requirements

ORH-730: Guidance on the disposal of X-ray equipment

ORH-731: Guidance on X-ray assembler and manufacturer requirements

ORH-733: Guidance on lead apron used as protective barriers

ORH-734: Guidance for X-ray machine operators

ORH-740: Registration Fees, Quality Management Program

ORH-741: Access to regulations – forms – quality management program


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