General Licenses

General License Device Registration (12VAC5-481-430)

Companies possessing general licensed devices containing at least 10 millicuries of Cs-137, 0.1 millicuries of Sr-90, 1 millicurie of Co-60, 0.1 millicurie of Ra-226 or 1 millicurie of Am-241 or any other transuranic element with atomic number greater than 92 are required to register the device with this agency.  To submit the required information please use our General License Device Form: GL Device Form.

For those desiring to use in-vitro testing under a general license, please use the following form: in-vitro-registration-form.

When Virginia became an Agreement State on March 31, 2009 the NRC provided the Radioactive Materials Program with with their General License (GL) database.  RMP staff sorted through the database to ensure addresses and contact information were correct.  Letters were then sent to the General Licensees introducing ourselves, explaining that we are the regulatory authority in Virginia for these devices, and provided an inventory accompanied by a request to update information regarding any devices listed under their possession. The RMP makes every reasonable attempt to maintain the GL database up-to-date.  In 2015 we began assessing the $50 registration fee as permitted by 12VAC5-481-430 B.

Any questions about the GL database should be directed to Patsy Hayden at 804-864-8183 or  email at

Tritium Exit Signs

Exit signs containing tritium (H-3) are regulated as general licensed devices under 12VAC5-481-430 B.  Manufacturers and distributors provide the program with information on signs distributed in Virginia on a quarterly basis.  People possessing these exit signs are required to dispose of them by either returning them to the manufacturer or distributor, or by sending them to a licensed waste broker for disposal.  Licensed waste brokers can be found on the CRCPD website..

When you have returned your tritium exit signs, you are required by 12VAC5-481-430 B to notify the agency of this transaction.  Please use the GL Device Form above and email the form to Patsy Hayden.  For more information regarding tritium exit signs, please visit the EPA’s webpage: or the NRC’s webpage:



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