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“To protect the public and occupational workers against unnecessary radiation exposure from X-ray producing machines.”

Program Overview

The X-Ray Registration, Inspection, and Certification Program exists to assure quality radiographs with a safe x-ray facility environment for both the people of Virginia and the operators of the equipment. The X-ray Program registers approximately 23,500 radiation-producing devices (such as x-ray machines); sets performance criteria for them; and authorizes qualified private inspectors to perform the evaluations and non-department service companies to install and repair the machines.  We also maintain a private inspector list, which is available on the Directory of Private Inspectors page.

Machines must be inspected within the frequency specified in the x-ray regulations.  Frequency is based on the type of machine and modality (i.e., diagnostic, therapeutic, non-medical).  Any x-ray machine that is determined to be unsafe for human use is restricted from use until 1) the x-ray machine is repaired by a service company, and re-inspected by a qualified state or private x-ray inspector, or 2) the x-ray machine is permanently removed from service. State inspectors audit and monitor private inspections and perform compliance inspections of x-ray facilities.

The Virginia X-ray Program works very closely with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is responsible for regulating the manufacture and installation/assembly of diagnostic x-ray machines.  The VDH X-ray Program and the FDA collaborate closely for mammography (MQSA) and joint surveys for evaluating patient exposures (NEXT).

Credit Card Payments

A credit card payment system for X-ray Program fees has been instituted.  Registrants may pay their registration and inspection fee payments using this system using the following link: Credit Card Payment Site.


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