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EMT Program Accreditation (optional)

Optional EMT accreditation is a process by which an instructor or college/institution can assure the EMS community and the general public that their EMS training institution or program has clearly defined and appropriate objectives, and maintains conditions under which their achievement can reasonably be expected.

Those programs who seek EMT accreditation will be required to follow the state’s Competency-based EMT program.  This program - established by a subcommittee of the Training and Certification Committee - requires that students complete scenario based training in order to achieve a required number of competencies in specific skills areas. Through pilot testing, the Office has determined that the Virginia Competency-based EMT program has improved the outcomes of students and their ability to perform in the field.

Some of the benefits of having an accredited EMT program are:

In order to provide enough time for instructors, training centers and other educational institutions to plan appropriately for the option to have their EMT program accredited, the Office is making this page, the self study document and other materials available in advance of the promulgation of the new EMS Rules and Regulations.

Accreditation for EMT training programs/institutions will be coordinated and administered through the Office of EMS.  Programs seeking accreditation at the EMT level must complete an Institutional Self Study for EMT Programs in Virginia. This document can be downloaded below.

Initial grants of accreditation at the EMT level are for a maximum of five (5) years—typically a one year ‘provisional accreditation’ is granted to new programs pending a follow-up review.  After the initial five year grant, all EMT programs must apply for reaccreditation of their program.

Self Study Documents

For information and the self-study document for Reaccreditation of an EMT training program, please contact Debbie Akers via e-mail or call 804-888-9120.

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Last Updated: 01-12-2016

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