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Trauma System

American College of Surgeons (ACS) Trauma System Consultation

Between September 1, 2015 and September 4, 2015 the Office of EMS underwent a state trauma system assessment.  The ACS utilizes the Model Trauma System Planning and Evaluation guide that utilizes a public health approach to trauma system development and maintenance.

The consultation team performs an "exit interview" and verbally provides an overview of those items they deem as a priority issues in Virginia.  Download the video of the exit interview at the following link:

ACS Trauma System Consultation Visit Exit Interview 9/4/2015 (37 minutes, 570 MB)

View it on YouTube at:

Virginia ACS Statewide Trauma System Report

Statewide Trauma Events and Training

Hospitals designated as trauma centers and other organization routinely offer trauma related education and information through symposia, classes, and through other forms of media.  Below are links for opportunities offered for health care providers.

None at this time.

Trauma Triage/Trauma Point of Entry

The Statewide Trauma Triage Plan establishes minimum criteria for identifying trauma patients and the expectation that these patients shall enter the “trauma system” and receive rapid definitive trauma care at appropriate hospitals.  Under the Code of Virginia § 32.1-111.3, The Virginia Department of Health (VDH), has been charged with the responsibility of maintaining a Statewide Trauma Triage Plan.  This plan is to include prehospital and inter-hospital patient transfers.  EMS Regulation 12 VAC 5-31-390 states that all Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies shall participate in the trauma triage plan. 

Trauma Performance Improvement Committee (TPIC) Annual Report 2014 (with supplemental tables)

Statewide Trauma Triage Plan
Trauma Care Performance Improvement Report (12/14)

Code Virginia Mandating Trauma Triage
EMS Regulation Mandating Trauma Triage (12VAC5-31-390)
OEMS Complaint Report Form
Management of Missing EMS Medical Record
CDC – Field Triage

Trauma Center Designation

Trauma Center Designation Manual

Trauma Center Designation Application

Application Process Timeline PDF
Application Checklist MS Word
Documents Required for Review PDF
Trauma Center Capabilities MS Word (01/2016)
Code of Conduct MS Word
Criteria Checklist MS Word
Questionnaire MS Word (02/2016)
Pediatric Questionnaire MS Word (02/2016)
Pediatric Capabilities MS Word (06/2016)
Burn Center Questionnaire MS Word (03/2016)
Burn Center Capabilities MS Word (03/2016)
Medical Records for Review PDF
Appeals Process PDF

Trauma Related Links and Documents

Virginia C.O.D.E.S (Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System)
Code of Virginia allowing Trauma QA/QI/PI PDF
HRSA’s Model Trauma System Planning and Evaluation PDF
American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma
National Trauma Data Bank
National Trauma Data Standard
American Trauma Society
CDC Injury Prevention and Control
NHTSA's Office of Emergency Medical Services

Last Updated: 10-18-2016

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