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2009 Symposium Presentations


PRE-001 Alzheimer’s Training for First Responders and Search Management

PRE-002 Casualty Simulation: Realism in Training through Moulage – Advanced

PowerPoint Presentation | Examples | More Examples

PRE-003 It was just a routine call: Roadway Safety for Emergency Responders

PRE-013 Field Training Officer Workshop

Manual | Field Critique Form | Field Critique Paper | Field Instructor Checklist | FTO Ride Along Form | Instructor Evaluation Questionnaire

PRE-023 Cadaver Lab


AIR-101 Basic Concepts of Capnography

AIR-105 and AIR-108 To Tube or Not to Tube: Airway Alternatives

AIR-106 and AIR-110 Managing the Other Breathing Tube


CISM-202 Preparing for Deployment


COM-301 CISM Overview For Public Safety Communications

COM-302 Taming the Liability Monster

COM-305 The ABC’s and 123’s of Effective Grant Writing

Critical Care

CRI-401 Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers

CRI-402 Sepsis: The Silent Killer

CRI-404 “Torn Apart”; Caring for the Patient with a Non-Traumatic Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm or Dissection

CRI-405 Managing the Difficult Airway-Advanced

CRI-406 Pancreatic Trauma: The Other Abdominal Injury

CRI-411 Hemodynamic Monitoring in CCT

CRI-412 Acute Spine Trauma: Clinical Decision Tree for Spinal Motion Restriction

CRI-414 Pre-hospital Ultrasound - Sound Diagnosis in a Noisy Environment

CRI-415 Capnography Cases: Advanced Concepts

CRI-418 Hyperglycemic Hyperosmotic State

CRI-419 Renal Disease: A Balancing Act


EDU-507 It’s a Sim World! - Use of simulation in EMS Education

EDU-510 TIPSE - Top Instructor Presentation Survival Education

EDU-511 How to Become an Instructor

EDU-517 Building a Better Skill Sheet

EDU-518 Sure Fire Success with Scenarios

EDU-523 Much To Do About the New Education Standards

Leadership and Management

LMGT-601 How Did That Happen?

LMGT-607 Legal “Free-For-All”

LMGT-608 Leading with Heart

LMGT-609 From EMS Call to the Courtroom

LMGT-611 Tarnished Badges and Bent Bugles

LMGT-613 Beyond Tarot Cards & Crystal Balls: Strategic Planning for EMS Agencies

LMGT-614 Making Tough Choices

LMGT-615 Anatomy of a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

LMGT-616 Desperately Seeking Competent EMS Leaders & Managers

LMGT-617 Developing a QI Program: One System’s

LMGT-621 The Twitter Effect - Using New Media in EMS


MED-707 Subtleties in the 12 lead ECG

MED-708 Piggly Wiggly Cardiovascular Pump Class

PowerPoint Presentation | Handout

MED-714 A Stroke of Good Luck!

MED-716 Bleeders

MED-718 Clotters

MED-719 Women, Yes Their Hearts Are Different

MED-722 Headaches in EMS - Not Yours! Your Patient’s!

MED-723 Psych! Understanding Psychotic Behavior and Treatment

MED-724 Diabetes-Beyond Insulin Shock and Diabetic Coma

MED-725 Ouch! I’ve been stung - Allergies and Anaphylaxis


OPE-810 Provider Agility Testing VS. Provider Fitness Programs

OPE-813 “Are You Ready to Roll?” - EMS Provider Fitness & Wellness

OPE-815 There’s Nothing “Basic” About Me!

OPE-816 Organ Donation: an integrated approach to saving lives

PowerPoint Presentation | Handout

OPE-819 “So what if I get the flu?” EMS Planning for Pandemic Flu

OPE-820 Planning and Conducting Tabletop Exercises


PREP-901 Performance Improvement Made Easy

PREP-905 Narratives for the BLS Provider

PREP-912 EMS Personnel as Safety Officers

PREP-913 What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate - Communications 101

PREP-915 New EMS Regulations

PREP-918 “This is how WE do it” - EMS Law in Virginia

PREP-920 Active Shooter - EMS Considerations

PREP-922 Annual Infection Control/OSHA Training

Special Considerations

SPE-1001 Recognition & Reporting of Child Abuse

SPE-1004 High Tech Kids

SPE-1005 End of Life Issues for EMS

SPE-1008 Pediatric Shock

SPE-1010 Case Studies in Pediatric Dysrythmias

SPE-1012 They’re Just so Sweet! Children with Diabetes

SPE-1016 Midwives and EMS: Developing a plan for optimal outcomes for Women and Babies born out of hospitals

SPE-1017 Bariatric Emergencies: Big Patients with Big Problems


TRA-2002 Bruising, Bleeding, and Bursting - Trauma Injuries to the Chest

TRA-2004 Bruising, Bleeding, and Bellyaches - Injuries to the Abdomen

TRA-2006 Thunderstruck!

TRA-2010 Issues in Spinal Injury Management

TRA-2011 Permissive Hypotension: Changing Tide of Trauma Fluid Resuscitation

TRA-2012 Shock

TRA-2014 Pre-Hospital Pediatric Trauma Care Controversies

TRA-2017 Pathogenesis and Management of Shock

TRA-2019 Shock: It’s a Journey, Not a Destination

TRA-2021 A Shocking Experience: 7200 Volts Coursing Through a Body

Last Updated: 07-20-2012

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