Make The Call – Mental Health and Wellness

This job is difficult and stressful.  Some days are amazing, leaving you with a smile on your face.  Some days are not.  It is those days that the job is not amazing that you may take on the greatest burden.  Unfortunately, that burden has created a world where more firefighters, EMTs and law enforcement officers have died at their own hand than they have in the line of duty.

This is where the “Make the Call” campaign comes in.  Our goal is to remind first responders and those that know and love them, that it is okay to make the call.  It is okay to reach out for help.  It is okay to take care of yourself.  As part of this campaign the Virginia Office of EMS will provide access to numerous resources to help providers and agencies recognize the signs and symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress and understand the training and resources that are available not just for the first responder, but for the family as well.

As the campaign develops this page will provide access to the campaign video, pictures, flyers, training classes, team information, and other resources to help agencies and providers.  Please continue to check back for updates and new resources.

Thank you to Hanover County Fire and EMS, Richmond Ambulance Authority, and Norfolk Police Department for their participation in the campaign video.

If you have questions about the campaign or need additional information regarding mental health resources and training please contact Karen Owens, Emergency Operations Manager, at