Links for Local Government

Here are more links of interest to city, county and town government officials. You may also want to check our links page (missing).  (Please note that these links have been updated).

Virginia City and County Ordinances
Compare your locality’s ordinances on EMS and other public safety services with examples in Virginia and across the nation.

Virginia local and state government
The official Commonwealth of Virginia webpage for state and local government information. It features a listing of cities, counties and towns in Virginia as well as links to state and local government websites.

Virginia Municipal League
A statewide association that assists local governments through legislative advocacy, research, education and other services.

Virginia Association of Counties
The statewide association exclusively for Virginia county government officials.

Virginia Institute for Government
Affiliated with the Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia, it is charged to increase the training, technical services and information resources available to the Commonwealth’s local governments.

Virginia Local Government Manager Association
VLGMA promote professional management through training, networking, and resource sharing.

Virginia Review
This monthly magazine highlights local government programs including health and public safety issues. Also coordinates a directory of state and local government officials.

Federal Emergency Management Agency/United States Fire Administration
Located in Emmitsburg, MD, the USFA and FEMA offer a wide variety of EMS and Fire related training programs and resource manuals. Most programs are either free or available at a nominal cost.

Virginia Department of Emergency Management
This state agency works closely with local government emergency managers to ensure efficient and effective preparedness and response to emergencies and disasters throughout Virginia.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
The EMS Division of NHTSA develops patient care standards and technical assistance programs and materials that are followed on the state and local level.

Library of Congress Internet Resource Page
Links to more sites of interest for local government managers.