Online EMS Course Requests

Online EMS Course Requests

Another long promised enhancement to the Virginia EMS Portal is finally here.  Today we are introducing online submission of EMS Course Requests through the Virginia EMS Portal.  Beginning Tuesday, October 27, 2020, the Office of EMS will no longer accept electronic or paper submissions of form TR-01 – Course Approval Request.  Any paper or electronic forms received from October 27, 2020 forward will be returned to the Education Coordinator/ALS-Coordinator and they will be asked to login to the Virginia EMS Portal to complete their submissions.

The Course Request feature is fully integrated into the Virginia EMS Portal and involves several approval flows/queues for your courses.  At any step in the process, it is possible for your EMS Physician or the Office of EMS to deny a course request.  You will be notified of the decision of your EMS Physician and/or the Office of EMS via e-mail messages from the EMS Portal.

For most courses, you will need only select the course type and fill in the requisite details and click submit for approval.  However, there are occasions when you must submit an attachment as a part of your course approval:

  • All Auxiliary Courses will require that you submit a digital copy of your instructor certification from the parent organization for that program.  You will not be able to complete the submission process without an attachment.  Attachments can be in the form of: PDF, DOCX, JPG, PNG, TIF.
  • All “custom CE” courses will require that you submit form TR-19 – Custom CE Program Outline (attached).  You will not be able to complete the submission process without an attachment.
  • All “VILT” courses will require that you submit form TR-18 – VILT Program Course Schedule and Registration (attached).  You will not be able to complete the submission process without an attachment.

Please see the online training for this new module on the following page BEFORE you attempt to complete and submit a course approval the first time.

While we have thoroughly tested this module in our beta environment, it is nearly impossible to account for all the various contingencies that could occur with such a large update.  Please report ANY issues or error messages you encounter in as much detail as you can to Chad Blosser at along with screenshots so we can troubleshoot appropriately.

Many thanks to our IT Team for their hard work in making this year’s long “wish” become a reality.

Virginia EMS Portal Training Tutorials

For the last 10-15 years, the Office has published paper/digital “Quick Guides” for various features and functions of the Virginia EMS Portal.  These guides, while detailed and easy to follow, were prone to becoming outdated as the core technology driving the EMS Portal is updated.

Over the next several weeks, we will replacing the Quick Guides with video-based training tutorials for these key features and functions.  These training resources can be found at the URL below.