Terminal Competency Psychomotor Exam Defined

Terminal Competency Psychomotor Exam

Once the EMT program has determined that all students are entry-level competent, the Education Coordinator shall conduct a terminal competency psychomotor examination that will allow the Program Director and Medical Director to validate entry-level psychomotor competency. It shall be conducted through competency based critical thinking scenarios as approved by the program’s EMS Physician.

Whenever possible, your students should be evaluated by other Education Coordinators that were not part of the program, or had very little involvement, in order to ensure an objective evaluation.

  • The Program must:
    • confirm that all students perform and demonstrate entry-level competence in all required skills being evaluated.
    • guarantee those marked as successfully completing the didactic portion of an EMS training program have attained basic theoretical and scientific knowledge reflective of state of the art patient care.

Minimum Requirements for Terminal Competency Psychomotor Exam

  • Each testing station should have:
    • Equipment – Requisite equipment for selected scenario, decoy equipment is encouraged.
    • An Evaluator – this individual is responsible for completing the Virginia Terminal Psychomotor Scenario Evaluation for each candidate.
    • A patient – a moulaged, if necessary patient actor
    • A Professional Partner – an individual who is an EMT. This individual can perform any tasks needed by the testing candidate.

Notice to OEMS of Terminal Competency Psychomotor Exam Date

Your program’s Terminal Competency Psychomotor Exam (TCPE) MUST be arranged with the Office of EMS as soon as possible after you know you will announce a class.

All requests must be made through the OEMS website at: https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/emergency-medical-services/education-certification/educator-resources/terminal-competency-psychomotor-exam-date-request-nemses/ 

An Office of EMS Test Examiner will be scheduled to come to your site to ensure that the TCPE is held and to review your program’s paperwork.